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Running with her Demons

Posted on Thu Oct 29th, 2020 @ 2:23am by Lieutenant Vonn Creedmore

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Current

Creedmore started the program. Light fog, flat ground and a wide path reaching out to a distant faint glow of light. She sighed and pulled black mittens from the pocket of her running suit. A watch cap pulled down over her long grey hair. She stepped out with a brisk walk down the path.

After a few minutes Vonn cleared her mind and began to focus her thoughts on the many issues at hand. The main issue being the Starbase. It was a huge mass of metal composites floating in deep space. filled with thousands of lifeforms of every kind known. In itself it was a truly stunning achievement of engineering and science. But it was Creedmore's nightmare.

The Delta quadrant was brewing up to be a situation that could be out of control in a hurry. Refugee's of every sort scattered for years. Unstable governments asserting powers yet persevered and the Federation trying to fight these political fires with little or no authority and few plans to really settle the drama down to a slow boil.

Vonn broke into a easy jogging pace. Her breathing still calm and even.

Creedmore knew she had stepped into a bear trap as soon as she arrived at the Stardock. What had been started, and what had been learned had all changed. Delta had turned into a giant conflict zone of opposing cultures and views. Entire races flipped and became completely unsettled. As the Chief of Operations couldn't change it. Vonn had to find a way to adapt to it somehow and survive it. But it was a mess overall, confused and running out of control.

Longer strides came quickly and a firm pace arrived as Creedmore followed the path.

Her meeting with the command staff had went well, however it was clear they faced a mountain of work ahead. The situation was fluid and caution was needed. A operational plan needed to be formed addressing command concerns. First was the review of station defense and security. Vonn looked at the current plan and thought it was workable. But it had never been tested. Would it work? Could she and her team drive thousands of people toward one goal quickly? That would take a strong directive for all to adhere too. It could be done. It had to be.

Her breathing even and strong now. The pace steady and swift.

There was an abundance of fleet assets assigned to the station. Two Wallace class vessels and One Hornet. Their roles of garrison ships could be used. A Fighter Wing on station and any other Starfleet ships docked or passing through. Then the station itself. In an emergency all needed to be staged and ready. Perhaps two of the assigned Garrison vessels could rotate on station in Ten day intervals. The Fighter group on screening patrols for close in station security would provide time to advance to a stable response. The crew was the key. Training and awareness of the perils that could result if quick action wasn't taken by all hands.

Creedmore reached her first incline, a ten percent grade for several miles. She focused and slowed the pace.

A solid plan to educate the crew could be done by compartmentalizing the training and having some real life drills. Some of the crew were young and having their first adventure on the station. They needed to become aware of how remote and isolated they truly were. Use the older hands to bond with them and bring them into the process by any means. Place more responsibilities on them and demand results and proficiency.

To get the crew mode switched in minutes would take immediate reaction to a sound alert system. Vonn thought the shift of duties should change at a more serious pace. Green was normal. No problem there, however at Yellow Alert this station needs to move in thousands of serious directions at once. Just due it's size the station needed to be fighting ready within minutes of a Yellow Alert. At Red Alert the station would be under fire or attack and it was the largest target ever constructed.

At the top of the first ridge the fog had cleared and Vonn felt like she was running on top the dense layer of mist, another incline before her.

Coordination with the Intelligence department would be stepped up to a much higher level to have concise threat analysis. It could give them data needed to prepare. After going through the Engineering specs and the automation details of non fleet vessels being overridden and locked was a true time saver. It allowed Starfleet vessels time to break out and provide defense very quickly. The only issue was the Fighter wing trying to egress out the main dock doors on the station. That would need to be changed to alternate doors allowing immediate launch away from the larger vessels.

Creedmore crested the second incline and declined into the fog again. Her downhill pace was rapid and towards the bottom she was close to a sprint. She crossed a wooden bridge and at the end slowed to a walk breathing heavy.

The current plans needed to be amended in one area, it would need the approval of the command staff but it was flawed. In the need of a total emergency evac. Most of those on board would be hard pressed to escape with the larger escape pods. Vonn thought all other vessels docked and locked to the station would be used to speed this evacuation. Regardless of diplomatic status or private ownership. Station security and possibly Marines would enforce the task. Rally points established off station at a safe distance plotted and secured by armed Starfleet ships or fighters. Medical and other emergency resources could even be placed and or staged at these locations as a precaution.

Creedmore stopped on the path surrounded by the fog. Her mind crystal clear and reset.

She terminated the program and left the Holodeck. Headed for her quarters Vonn started assigning mental tasks to her plan.

The Children.Guardians and parents would most likely be at their duty stations. And worried about their families. The station had cadets, A lot of them. These cadets would be put into two major groups. The first and second year cadets respond to designated areas on the housing decks to assist in the movement or aid to dependents and family members The third and forth year cadets staged as damage control in their assigned fields. That would work but would take some training to get it done right.

There was a lot to sort out..


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