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Securing The Way

Posted on Wed Nov 18th, 2020 @ 7:54pm by Lieutenant Thomas Carey & Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Aranis T'San

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Command Centre
Timeline: current

Thomas walked off the lift, and into the corridor, with Chloe unpacking their things in their quarters, which would take hours, which she insisted of doing on her own, and there was no way in hell, he would talk her out of it. So here he was, walking the starbase, three hours of walking, and he finally came to his last stop. Many would have felt, being a new senior officer, it should have been the first.

Walking into the doors that led to the command centre, he looked around. Noticing many officers running around, he looked for his station, sure he had offices below, but he liked to be where the 'action' was so to speak. It didn't take him long to realize he was lost in this one room, looking for something but not finding it.

"This is why I prefer ships." He replied as he decided to stand in one spot contemplating his next move.

Aranis had been monitoring the traffic in the area near the central mass console within Ops. It was a way to see the comings and goings in the area, get familiar with types of vessels and a general overview of the space they inhabited. It was only out of the side of his eyes he noticed a man in yellow enter Ops but he thought not much of it as many people came and went.

It was a massive space.

He heard the man mention something as he walked towards him and viewed his surroundings. The comment wasn't to Aranis but it made him smile. Still staring at the centre mass console he spoke. "Don't tell everyone but so do I.", there was a little wry smile as he said it.

"I apologize Commander." Thomas replied as he looked around. "Nothing against a station, but when you spend all your life on ships."

Daynah smirked at the comment from Aranis. She had been manning the science station for the moment monitoring a nearby comet that interested her. She practically bit her lip in a herculean effort to not comment a retort to Aranis. "Lieutenant Carey welcome to Ops. I am Commander Ral." As the XO Daynah made sure to have read and memorized everyone's service record.

"Thank you commander." He replied as he looked over at the science station. "Looks like security will have its work cut out for me." He admitted as he walked over to the security console.

"Yes a station this big will need a lot of looking after. There are after all a lot of dark corners." Daynah replied softly as her eyes watched the comet pass. There was something about this particular spatial body. Something that resonated with her on a deep level. But she could not quite put her finger on it just yet.

"That is something I want to fix. Those blind spots, if we know about them, any back door dealer knows about them as well." Thomas replied as he looked at the Captain. "Before I arrived, I took a look at the stations security systems, we are running on out of date protocols, and systems. I can get and change the security systems to the newer versions and have it completed within three weeks. It will require shutting down certain areas for a brief amount of time. At which time, I will have some of my men patrolling the affected area."

"Sounds like a fine strategy Lieutenant." Aranis said confidently. "This station was in a run down condition before we got here. We are like the revival team and if you are confident that you have enough people to cope with the downtime you need to update the systems then you have my approval. Command sent you here because they believe you are the right man to lead security on this base, in this sector and I am inclined to agree with what you are saying so far."

"I can make do with what I have so far, its going to take a few weeks to complete the work, and will be disabling for only a few hours at a time," He replied as he took a PADD and handed it to him, that is basically a rundown on what I want to do. Once I get approval, then I could give you a detailed plan, and an estimated time of completion."

Aranis took the PADD and began to flip through it. Once he read one part the rest was pretty much a carbon copy with little differences in location and manpower needed. Things like that he was happy to leave in the hands of his new security chief. Pressing his thumb on the bottom of the PADD he gave it back to Thomas. "Consider it approved Lieutenant. I suggest you get started right away, this station is not getting any smaller." he let a smirk creep on to his face.

"Keep us in the loop Lieutenant and if you need anything do not hesitate to ask. I have a lot of contacts who can get a lot of things done." Daynah said with a broad smile on her face.

"I will probably need something shortly." Thomas replied as he turned. "First place to be done is here, the Command centre. This place has the same security systems that the bar on deck 12 has."

Daynah practically did a spit take with her racktajino. "You have got to be kidding me. There is no way that they would let that happen..." Her voice trailed off as she realized that there is a way that they would let that happen and probably did. "Well Lieutenant, lets get that straightened out right now."

"If I can get my team in here, right now... with the proper systems in place... no breaks. 18 hours." Thomas replied. "But everything needs to be shut down for it to be done."

Daynah glanced over at Aranis to see if he would object to what she was about to say. "Well get your team, I will transfer command functions to the auxiliary command center. Then I will assist you in whatever way that I can."

Aranis held both his hands up in the air and nodded. "Took the words out of my mouth Commander. However, get help from Lt. Creedmore and I want it completed in 12 hours. I don't want Ops shut down for 18 hours." He stated simply.

"Well... 18 hours was if i had Creedmores assistance." Thomas replied to himself, but nodded in agreement. "If you don't mind Commanders... you are standing in my spot to start."

Aranis logged off his screen and nodded to Daynah to transfer command elsewhere. He liked the assertiveness of his new security chief. "Ops is yours Lieutenant. I want her back in one piece." He said turning to leave.

"Command processes being transferred as we speak. Should be complete momentarily." Daynah called as Aranis left. She smirked as she thought how Ral had been commanding Starships before Aranis had been a twinkle in someone's eye.

Thomas nodded as he walked over to the Console. "Lt Creedmore, You are needed at the Ops centre. Bring your current best people." He pushed his own badge. "Ensign Cordell Walker, Crewman Montez, Crewman Jovai report to the Ops immediately please."


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