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Team Building

Posted on Thu Oct 22nd, 2020 @ 3:44pm by Lieutenant Vonn Creedmore & Ensign Mark Trellic

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: SB 718, Deck 123
Timeline: MD 01, 1400 hrs

Deck 123

It was a small control room on deck 123. Vonn knew they had a problem here the last few shifts from the briefings. But now it was a source of other possible issues that could be harder to resolve.

Lieutenant Creedmore stood at the console surrounded by several Warrant officers. Most with a puzzled look. One of them attempting to explain a procedure to another As the chief of operations walked into his conversation. Most of them had met Vonn Creedmore. Very few knew her well at all. Just buy the looks of the tall Operations chief most would avoid her if they could.

Vonn wasted little time. “How are things going here?” Her question directed at the Chief Warrant.

Being caught totally off guard he stammered. “Well Ma'am our Reactor here keeps shutting itself down every few hours. We're trying to trace down exactly whats causing the malfunction.” the Chief was young and seemed very nervous talking to the tall female ops boss.

Creedmore nodded. “Have we run all diagnostic's on the system?” She leaned forward looking at the screen on the console. It was clear the shuttlebay reactor was shutting down on a regular basis. She scanned the system. “When was the last time the reactor was down, and what maintenance program protocol was used, their seems no record of it here in the computer.”

“Well Ma'an that would have been Red Mike I suppose. It wasn't too long ago and i'm guessing he was the one who fixed it last.”

Vonn had heard the name before. Red mike Conner was a strange type of man. Huge in dimension for a human and very stubborn to most other lifeforms. He had been on the station and in the heavy repair section for years refusing any responsibility for years. People left him alone as he knew where all the real issues were on the station and how to fix them. He worked alone all of the time and a truly nasty bit of work if he lost his temper..

After several summons chief Red Mike walked down the corridor to the group. He was indeed very large and somewhat displeased at being called to the Lieutenant. Vonn stood waiting at the console for the chief to report. He said nothing, standing straight he simply saluted and stared over the top of Vonn Creedmore's head. Vonn got right to the point of the matter.

“Chief Connor. I understand you have some experience with our shuttlebay reactor here. Perhaps you would discuss with me the history of problems with it.”

Chief Connor looked down at the Grey hair lieutenant. “It has always been an issue. This deck is a heavy use deck for power. With the heavy repairs section and maintenance areas it just draws too much power. Then when these people here stop using and consuming the power it surges and shuts down the system entirely. At that point someone has to come down here and reset the entire system.”

Creedmore could tell Chief Connor didn't get along with very many of his contemporaries.. He was hard to get along with. Vonn could fix that very quickly, however she recalled that the old chief was severely needed for situations just like this.

“Very well chief. I need you to get this reactor up and running right now. Get the reset established. And show these people here how to regulate the power usage. If you have to get a limiter or governor on the system to control the surges.” Vonn wasn't asking. She was ordering him directly and being very precise about it. The large chief nodded and frowned. Creedmore took a step forward to the chief. “I'll also have a few words for you when you have completed that request. Understood chief?”

Red Mike nodded and turned and started the tasks needed. Creedmore stepped back and reached to answer her Padd with other urgent requests pending her approval. She was leaning on a large floor mounted transformer when he approached her thirty minutes later. He came to attention staring blankly ahead as he had done before.

“Look chief, you need to understand you aren't the glue around here. I can replace you at anytime and won't blink an eye doing it. Your going to change this attitude you have right now. Today. You do not intimidate me at all Connor. I've seen a few like you before and know how to deal with you. Out of all my senior NCO's here on the station you are the most qualified, and the least helpful.”

Creedmore put her Padd away. She pushed her finger dead in the center of Red Mikes chest.

“So chief I'm going to tell you how this is gonna go from now on. Your going to train and help these people from now on. Your gonna be nice and happy about that too. If you don't I will spend every waking moment of my life making you as miserable as I can.” Vonn's smile was pure evil. She didn't bother hiding it either. This chief needed to be straightened out one way or another.

“I hope you understand Chief Connor I shall not waste time playing with you here on the station. You will be part of this team or you will be gone in less than a hour from now. And I can guarantee you won't like where your sent. Are we clear on that now?”

Mike understood. This officer would ruin him just for sport if she wanted too. He had it good on the station for several years. Mike knew it was a matter of time before he would be challenged and brought back in line. He certainly didn't care for Creedmore, or her leadership style one bit but in the long run he knew he had it coming.

A young Ensign walked up and stood without a word beside the old chief. Vonn Creedmore looked at the pair of men in front of her. This particular Ensign had been following Creedmore around since she arrived. That was getting very old very quickly. And Vonn had to find a home for him as soon as she could.

“Gentlemen, I have a wonderful idea. I think this idea could turn out to be one of my best yet. Chief Connor, this is Ensign Mark Trellic. Since I arrived here he has been following me around. He has good stamina and can fire questions at you faster than can be imagined. He has asked me to challenge him. That I will do.” Vonn was smiling now. The Old chief wasn't. The thought of a very green Ensign following his around was a dark thought indeed.

“Yes, a good challenge for both of you. I will now have a highly experienced chief training a rookie Ops officer everything he knows about this station.” Creedmore was very pleased with herself. Trellic wasn't bad, just persistent in sucking ones soul dry...

“Now that you two are firmly bolted together I need to move on to other issues. Chief your going to assume the duties of Chief Boatswain. I expect stellar work from you and the Ensign. Put together a team and make yourselves available for all priority maintenance calls on the station.”

With the reactor problem solved and the sorting of personnel issues it had been a good start to the shift. Vonn hoped she wouldn't have to return to the issue of the chief again. She also hoped the old chief wouldn't toss the young Ensign out a hatch when no one was watching. The next issue was the safety report. She had to cover a lot of ground on that one for the command team.

Lt. Vonn Creedmore
Operations Chief
SB 718

Ensign Mark Trellic
Operations Officer
SB 718

CWO Mike Connor
SB 718


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