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Operations Conference

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 @ 3:03am by Lieutenant Vonn Creedmore & Ensign Mark Trellic

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: SB- 718 Main Operations
Timeline: MD 01 1200hrs

**Operations Conference Room**

Von Creedmore entered the conference room. The small group of officers and NCO's came to attention as she found her chair at the middle of the large table. "Please take your seats and lets get this started."

"I called this meeting to meet all of you on the station and allow you the opportunity to get to know me and plans of the department moving forward from this date. The station is yet to be fully staffed, so it may be a challenge for us to get some much needed tasks completed." Vonn looked around the desk scanning the staff. Her tone was low but clear.

"As our team is small many of you shall be tasked with issues you may not be familiar with. That's why communications are very important right now.if you find yourselves stuck you need to reach out for assistance. I shall not ask you, I demand it for the safety of this station. Keep safety first in your tasks and the safety of those you supervise at all times."

"Things shall be very confusing the first few shifts, situations will dictate changes. Although you may not understand these changes I expect you as supervisors to roll with them without complaint until we as a staff get things sorted out."

"This team has not yet been proven. I will keep that in mind, there will be mistakes I'm sure made by all of us however we need to become as proficient as possible very quickly. I understand other departments such as Engineering are even less staffed as we are. So we're going to have to step in as needed to get things accomplished."

Creedmore smiled. The supervisors were making notes and by the look of her words to them understood the challenge they all faced.

"My door is always open, but I have never been one to sit in my office. So please don't be alarmed if you see me out and about the station. Duty shifts and assignments will be posted on the main ops deck very shortly. There have been several changes to it due to staffing. If you have questions just get with me after it's posted at the beginning of the coming watch."

Vonn stood and walked to the double doors of the conference room as it was called to attention. She looked over to Ensign Trellic as stepped into the corridor. "Post it." He nodded confirming the order as Creedmore headed to the lift station and main operations control.

**Operations Corridor**

Ensign Trellic updated the duty schedules with care. He was certain there would be some very surprised crewmen and supervisors alike when they saw the changes. Clearly Creedmore had done a bit of homework on the schedule and had even pushed through a few promotions along with it. The woman was pretty crafty to say the least and even though some of the team had been functioning in a position for quite a few months, or even years they would find themselves in another position. She summoned Trellic out of the blue right after her arrival and gave him the documents. He had two jobs. One, to make sure those crew were still on the station and two, get that posted right after the first meeting.

The Ensign hurried placing the schedules, soon several dozen supervisors would be crowding the corridor in an effort to determine their future on the station.

The main operations control deck was busy. Creedmore glided through the room and was noticed by more than a few of the crew on duty. Her first check was inbound flight control. The area was staffed by Twelve flight control officers glued to their consoles directing vessels to be docked and secured to the station. Standing back she observed all the stations were occupied, two had customs and security waiting to board, father down she watched as medical was needed on one smaller vessel due to a passenger illness. Cargo was being unloaded and transferred from ships in a timely manner. Vonn nodded her approval to herself as the control team was functioning very well considering the blistering pace. Creedmore wanted to watch the shift change but realized her presence would be far too much of a distraction. She had to rely on this team to work things out with as little supervision as possible. So she moved off to her office in search of some Tea...

Lt. Vonn Creedmore
Operations Chief
SB 718

Ensign Mark Trellic
Operations Officer
SB 718


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