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Guess Who's Coming For Dinner

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 2:44pm by Lieutenant Commander S & Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Aranis T'San & Lieutenant Dr. M’Sara Rth’than M.D.

Mission: M1: A Hand In Friendship
Location: CO's Ready Room

Sara walked in with a smile and noticed everyone in the room looking at her when she was summoned to the CO's Ready Room. She already knew what it was going to be about; she was going to be berated by a stuck up federation bourgeois diplomat for not being a little peon and bowing towards her Tal'Shair Masters. "Yes Commander, is there a problem here?" She said sweetly.

Daynah sat back in her chair. She had to be excruciatingly diplomatic here. For the first time Daynah's personal life was coming head to head with her professional life. She had feelings for the Doctor, however the XO also had a job to do here. For the time being she decided it best to remain silent and allow Aranis to take the lead on this. Daynah acknowledged the Doctor's presence with a soft smile by way of greeting. Her eyes tried to convey the message to calm down and all will be ok.

Lesai caught the look between the Trill and the Romulan. That was interesting she though and may be an explanation for Ral's earlier behavior.

"Thank you for coming Doctor." Aranis said as he gestured for her to come in. He too knew that she would know why she was called here and things in this room needed to be clear and calm. "I understand you have an issue with our guests that have arrived?" he asked.

Sara responded. "But the problem is not what you think, Commander."

Sara got into Lesai's face. "You invited a TAL SHIAR butcher here!!! I was under the impression it was a diplomat, some aides, maybe a few guards. But no. A TAL SHIAR Murderer!!! Do you have any idea what they do to dissidents and their families!!! To reunificationists!!! No doubt he is at this moment trying to access our databanks to find out my name, not to mention the location of my family. Now if you excuse me, I have to call up my father, and put a phaser under my pillow." Sara turned to leave.

Lesai remained poised and calm while the woman shouted in her face. She had negotiated with Andorians, Klingons and Gorn, this hyperbole was rather tame in comparison.

Did Rth'Than believe she was playing a role in one for her medieval Human plays? Murderer? Butcher? It certainly appeared so, a queen of drama perhaps?

"Sit down Lieutenant!" Aranis said in a raised and annoyed tone. "You will leave when I dismiss you, is that clear?" he said in a rhetorical as he stood.

"No-one invited these specific people on board here. They are the delegation chosen by their own people. Regardless you will not speak to anyone how you have just spoken to Lesai in here right now. You are meant to be a Starfleet officer, act like one!" he said sternly. He understood her anger, not so much that he knew how she felt but given the history he had lived through, knowing how the Romulan machine worked on Romulus and the need for her family to flee. It was all easy to see why she would react the way she did.

"Colonel Dimura is a decorated Romulan officer, we know he is Tal Shiar and have been closely monitoring him since his arrival. They are ALL here as a diplomatic party for us to open a better dialogue with the New Republic and pave a way for some of the refugees here to find a home, somewhere.

Your personal feelings on the man, on Romulans as a whole will remain in check and you will treat them with the respect and dignity I would expect from any member of my crew, especially my senior staff. If you ever question my position on this dialogue in public again you will find the reprimand I come down with to be swift. Whether you agree or not, this is happening." Aranis hoped he was making his point.

"Understood....Sir... It will not happen again." She stared at them. "I'm sorry Commander." She shed a tear. "I've disappointed you, have I? If you want me to resign, I'll have it on your desk early tomorrow morning." She was cursing her Romulan Emotions for being so vulnerable with her own people. It was a gulf between herself and her Romulan cousins that could never be possibly mended. "I've even failed Spock. Ill go write my resignation now. I'm sorry." She turned, plucked off her combadge and tossed it over her shoulder as she walked out"

Aranis sighed as he watched the Doctor walk from his view. He gestured for Commander Ral to approach him and he spoke to her in a softer tone that was just heard. "Commander, please take this." he handed Ral M'Sara's badge. "And give it back to the Doctor. I do not want her resignation, this was not what that was about. I want her here otherwise this would have been over faster. I often find myself at odds when I see those recovered from the Borg, my feelings are mixed but she needs to understand when to show face. Spock was known for outburst of emotion from time to time, not everyone follows the rules all the time and managing our own behaviour can be challenging. I've had over 400 years and I still struggle. Please see that she knows these things, that she still has great value here. She just has to watch that temper and show respect to rank. We have those for a reason." he smiled and patted Daynah on the back.

"Yes sir... I understand completely. I feel the same way when peace with the Dominion is discussed. I feel we all may have our proverbial skeletons in our closet. I am sure when she calms down cooler heads will prevail." Daynah replied as she took the comm badge. In truth she did not know the Doctor that well, they had just started whatever it was they were doing. Clearly there was a lot for Daynah to learn about.


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