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A Loose Cannon

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 12:44pm by Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Aranis T'San & Lieutenant Commander S
Edited on on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 9:35am

Mission: M1: A Hand In Friendship
Location: CO's Office
Timeline: Early afternoon

"She is a liability, impetuous, ill disciplined, rude and arrogant" Lesai concluded, having recounted the behavior of Rth’than towards the Romulan delegates.

"Lieutenant Rth’than may have single handedly derailed this entire process and set back Federation-Romulan relations that has taken years of work. She is a.. what is the term? unsecured howitzer?"

"A Loose cannon" Her husband corrected her, "From the days of naval warfare on Earth, a weapon that broke free during battle and may do as much, or more, damage to its own ship and crew than the enemy"

"Lieutenant Rth’than is indeed lacking in self-control Commander" Tolkath continued "She lacks decorum, is insubordinate and disrespectful. Her behavior clearly breached several sections of Starfleet Regulations and should face disciplinary action"

Daynah simply sat in disbelief. Every part of her, that is to say Daynah, Ral, and all her previous hosts thought that the diplomat was blowing things way out of proportion. To make matters worse Daynah was hopelessly attracted to the doctor and felt that she should not say anything as of yet. Save the following and these words came from Norah Ral who at the moment seemed really perturbed and thought that Lesai was giving diplomats a bad name. But that would remain unsaid. "I think before anything is said or we proceed with any discussion, you should calm down."

Calm down? Lesai questioned, since her tone had been completely dispassionate and neutral throughout.

"Yes some of your comments just now were shot from the hip as the saying goes. From what I have heard thus far the Doctor was far from insubordinate. A lack of decorum, sure perhaps, disrespectful toward the delegates sure as well. However, I would like to ask you both a question. Did you consider the backgrounds of the crew before agreeing to certain people on the station. I mean one of the delegates is Tal Shiar and makes no attempt to hide that fact, there are those who would be rather upset and perhaps triggered by that. For example if you invited a member of the Dominion aboard this station for any reason I would have umbrage with that." Daynah responded coolly and in even tones. In fact she believed that the Vulcan would be proud of the lack of emotion she showed at the moment, that is if Vulcan's could be proud.

Lesai quirked an eyebrow. "I understood one of your former hosts had diplomatic experience Commander. If you were to access their memories I feel sure you would recall that neither I nor Commander Tolkath invited anyone to the station." She was unsure why Ral had thrown the accusation that Tolkath had any part in deciding who came here. There was something odd about the Executive Officer's reaction to this situation.

She continued, since it appeared the Commander had forgotten anything they had learned as a diplomat. "The offer to receive an Ambassador from a foreign power, in this case the Romulans, is a policy decision made at the Federation Council level, that is then actioned by the Federation Diplomatic Service.

When such an invitation is extended one does not specify who that power chooses to send.

That the Romulans selected a young upcoming politician; a seasoned veteran and senator and a Colonel in the Tal Shiar speaks to where the powers lie in the Empire. These three represent the future of Romulus.

We need to accept that and deal with the delegates on fair and equal terms. Diplomacy is after all the search for understanding and compromise. We cannot pick and chose who we sit across the table from..

Indeed, as I recall you, yourself, gladly welcomed the Colonel this morning. I further recall you remarked how it is "important to make visiting dignitaries feel as if they are the center of your galaxy. and that it "puts them at ease and makes the negotiations to come that much easier." She had an extraordinary memory and recalled clearly Ral's words.

"Why is it that now you appear to have abandoned that position because a Junior Officer acted recklessly, or does berating a visiting dignitary in public count as putting them at their ease?"

Lesai was inwardly troubled by Ral's reaction, there was an undercurrent here that did not sit right. What kind of diplomat thought that way...

"If you understood anything about the psychology of warfare you would understand that the mere sight of something can trigger PTSD in people. That said I am not saying that what the Doctor did was right, and that it should not be punished. What I am saying Ambassador is that sometimes a little emotion and sympathy goes a long way." Daynah was about to continue but she was cut off by Aranis.

They had certainly gotten straight into it as everyone seemed to pile into his office. Aranis had barely the time to change back into his more comfortably fitting uniform due to a call with the Admiralty before something potentially serious was brought to his attention.

"The two of you stop." Aranis said slightly annoyed at what he was seeing from his two most senior staff. "We need to get to the topic at hand here otherwise I am calling this meeting a day and the two of you can sort this out between yourselves."

"How have the Romulans reacted to this?" Aranis asked with a sigh. The day had only reached its midpoint and already drama has kicked off. "I am assuming as they have not left, not threatened anyone, they are reasonably satisfied at the moment with how you dealt with the situation?"

"They are currently in their quarters." Lesai replied "Their reactions were mixed, Retana appeared somewhat bemused by the outburst; Dirmura will undoubtedly use it as supporting evidence of his current mistrust, entrenching him further against us; Sarhuk was very concerned about the apparent lack of discipline, she questioned why a Starfleet Officer under your command was permitted to act in this way?

That aspect has probably done the most damage; Besides the name calling and accusations, the Lieutenant openly and publicly undermined your command by stating your hopes for dialogue were wrong. A clear example of insubordination" She reminded Ral.

"Unfortunately, the Delegates were not the only ones present. Many civilians were there and witnessed her tirade. I saw their faces. Some were amused, others were clearly concerned. The Lieutenant's behavior will be the topic of promenade gossip for some time to come. Many will use this to their own ends.

We all know that there are groups and powers working against closer ties between the Federation and the Romulans, on both sides of the Neutral Zone.

Incidents like this, where a Starfleet Officer harangues Romulan delegates, openly questions policy and her own Commander will fuel that opposition.

We have already seen evidence there is a group operating here on this station, it is possible this will embolden them to do more than scrawl graffiti..."

She was deeply concerned by what had occurred, it was more than just unprofessional conduct; such open disagreement with Federation policy would sow discord and undoubtedly bring unforeseen consequences.

"I agree that her attitude towards the Romulan delegation, and in particular Colonel Dimura was unacceptable. There are certain levels of decorum, of respect that I expect from all my officers regardless of their attitudes towards certain people. A diplomatic incident is the last thing I want when they are here less than a day. Her feelings are understandable given what she has been told, how she has been brought up but we must learn to keep our own personal feelings in check. We will have this discussion with her, you can be sure of that Lesai."

"Thank you Commander." Lesai acknowledged T'Sans decision "I believe we need to demonstrate that Starfleet is indeed a disciplined service and she should be instructed to formally apologize to the delegates. It may then be best that she avoids further contact with them during their visit"

"We will make sure she is on her best behaviour from now on." Aranis said looking to his XO. "Call her here now, Commander Ral. No time like the present."


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