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Romulus Arriving

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 7:46pm by Lieutenant Commander S & Ensign Jason Baker & Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Aranis T'San & Lieutenant Thomas Carey

Mission: M1: A Hand In Friendship
Location: Deck 600 External Docking Port 600-1

Tolkath slid a finger into the high collar of his dress uniform, adjusting the fit slightly, the third time he had done so since putting it on ten minutes ago.

"Do not fiddle with your uniform" Leasai whispered in Vulcan from beside him. "It looks fully presentable as it is"

"I was not fiddling" He protested.

His wife lowered her chin, looked at him and arched an eyebrow. Tolkath withdrew his finger and became suddenly interested in the docking port door a few feet ahead of them.

Lesai was wearing one of her more stylish Vulcan gowns, with a broad Federation Diplomatic service sash.

The couple waited for the other members of the greeting party to arrive. The Romulans had politely declined the offer of an interior docking port, preferring to keep their ship outside of the cavernous interior space dock.

Lesai's assistant, Diplomatic Ensign Jason Baker was first, smartly attired in his own Starfleet dress uniform. He carried three PaDDs, prepared with the updated itinerary for the Romulan's visit, a guide to the public areas of the Starbase and other diplomatic information for the three Senatorial delegates.

"Everything is in order?" She asked Baker, the early arrival had been unexpected but fortunately they had been well prepared and had been able to adjust the itinerary accordingly.

"Yes Ma'am" Baker confirmed "I adjusted the conference room timetables and advised the Diplomatic catering team of the rescheduled dinner for tomorrow night. They confirmed they would be ready"

"Good" She nodded "There may be more surprises. It it is important that we remain flexible and respond to any further changes."

"Understood Ma'am" Baker stepped back and took his place behind her.

The nearby turbolift opened, Lieutenant Carey and a Honor guard of security personnel, along with the Starbase's Bosum, arrived.

The Bosun nodded respectfully to Tolkath and took up position by the docking hatch, his whistle ready to pipe aboard the Romulans.

Thomas walked up to the group already arrived, nodded in acknowledgement. "Alright people, places. Just like you rehearsed yesterday. It may feel like its unnecessary, but its a matter of principal. If we lose touch with small things then the big things will eventually follow."

"Yes sir" the group said in unison,.

"Excellent." Thomas replied as he took his position, taking one last look at his dress uniform.

A few moments later the turbolift returned with the Stations Commander and Executive Officer

Daynah hated ambassadorial greeting ceremonies. She always thought they were filled with way too much pomp and circumstance. However, Ral in particular Norah knew why ceremonies like this were needed. "It is important to make visiting dignitaries feel as if they are the center of your galaxy. It puts them at ease and makes the negotiations to come that much easier." Ral told Daynah. She walked shoulder to shoulder with Aranis. She turned to the CO with a smile. "Looking good in the dress uniform sir. I am sure the Romulans will be impressed."

"Yes..." Aranis said as he looked down with a slight annoyance to his look. "I do not know why they cannot make a dress uniform that doesn't cut into your neck like this." he said pulling at the collar. "I mean in the last 50 years all dress uniforms have been appalling... and the Romulans are never impressed." he changed his demeanour to a small smile.

"You known there are moments when I think Starfleet has it all wrong. One wonders that if we skipped all of this the Romulans would feel better, more at home sort of speak. Oh, and the comfortability goes back further than that."

Daynah smiled. "You know I do recall an eager young Ensign who chose to greet his Captain in a dress uniform. He seemed to rather enjoy it." Daynah's smile beamed as she recalled a memory from Alaryc Ral.


Sarukh waited for her colleagues at the hatchway. She had selected a conservative outfit, in keeping with the gravity and importance of this occasion. Her senatorial badge prominently displayed on her right shoulder.

She was optimistic that appropriate diplomatic relations could be established with the Federation as the younger generation wanted. But at one hundred and fourteen years old, with a lifetime of service in the Navy and Senate she was well aware of the history between the Empire and the Federation. She acknowledged that Dimura, for all his bluster and reserve was trying to uphold Romulan tradition and strength, she understood his position, possibly more than that of young impetuous Retana.

The door opened behind her as the others arrived, along with the Dentrraka'sCaptain, Sub Commander Vetra; Centurion N'Vak and four crewmen who would be their escort. One of whom she was aware was in fact an undercover Tal Shiar Major.

Dimura stepped into the hatchway as he wore his Tal Shiar uniform. He would show everyone that Romulus was not dead, and would not roll over. He nodded a greeting to those present as he passed them. "It is a fine morning to see who is right and who is wrong. Is it not Sarukh?" He said with a smirk.

"Something in the service of, or benefit to, the Empire, cannot be wrong Dimura" She chided him gently, not altogether approving of his choice of uniform either.

"For once we all agree." Retana said as she came up beside the other two delegates in their most impressive looking outfits. Being young she had never served in the Navy, the Senate had went up in smoke with the destruction of their world when she was in her early 20's so there was nothing there for her, not really. Instead she became a politician, a voice amongst the youth when all the older generation told them how things used to be. Time was to look forward whilst still remembering the past.

Out of respect for the other two she did not attempt to wear anything above her station. No military uniform, no senate dress attire. Instead she had went for a smart, formal tunic with the pin of the New Republic on it.

"I wonder what kind of reception we will receive?" she asked rhetorically but loud enough so the other two could hear.

"Probably some sort of fancy thing. You know Starfleet and their red carpets. There will be those awkward uniforms of theirs and of course a meal. One without Romulan Ale of course. Something about it being illegal at diplomatic functions in the Federation..." He shot air heavily through his nose.

"Alas, there is nothing for it. The sooner we get this over with the sooner we can return to the business of the empire." Dimura spoke with little care for what was about to proceed. He did not have the reverence or the excitement that his colleagues had.

"Interesting that you went to the trouble to put on your best uniform then" Sarukh smiled, teasing the dour Dimura. "As for a suitable dinner beverage, there will indeed be Ale. I had Centurion N'Vak bring along a case of Vintage '68" She nodded to the burly Centurion

"Indeed Senator, " He rumbled with a smile "It is safely secured in the armory until needed"

There was a Thunk from beyond the hatch and the lock panel cycled through its colors, showing the docking corridor beyond was pressurized.

Sub Commander, Vetra tapped the controls and the hatch slid open. He stood aside for the delegates to enter the corridor led by the Centurion.

Sarukh waved Dimura ahead "Lead on Dimura, you may be the first, to step foot on Federation territory" She gave him a gentle smile.

"Yes, we all know how you like to lead, be the first for things. I'm still not over you taking that first shot the other night. No toast or anything. Retana added. They would bicker, argue and shout at each other but silently they got on well enough. They knew each other wanted to look out for their people on their own ways.

Dimura smiled broadly at both the mention of the Romulan Ale and the entreat to lead the way onto the station. Perhaps his friends here had a similar streak to himself after all.

"Well I hope for the sake of our friends in the Federation that they respect the vintage of the 68 and of course that I do not have to come back to this station as the conquering hero."

Gone was the dour tone in his voice that he had before. His feelings about the situation had not changed, but at least for the moment he would enjoy it. He stepped onto the station and into the expected pomp and circumstance.

The Officers and escort fell in behind them.

[Docking Port 600-1]

=^=Docking Control to Commander T'San. Romulan Cruiser Dentrraka is on final approach. They are linking up to the pylon.... Docking corridor is extending... And locked on to their hatch... Pressuring the corridor. Atmosphere in four..three...two... now=^=

The viewing port beside the hatch was filled with the dark green side of the Romulan ship. There was a soft whirring from beyond the inner hatch, followed by a gentle thunk as the docking corridor connected with the hull of the Dentrraka and a hiss as it pressurized.

=^= Ready to open the hatch on your command, sir =^=

=^=By all means Docking Control. Open away. =^= Aranis replied as he heard the relieving of pressure on the doors as they began to open.

As they came into view Aranis could see there were more people than was initially put forward. There were nine altogether, three delegates to which he could plainly see, followed by their entourage. This came as no surprise to Aranis, Romulans rarely stuck to game plans and frankly he had expected a larger group.

The Bosun came to attention, rose the whistle to his lips and played pipe aboard

Thomas turned to the group, "Company Attention." He ordered, it wasn't a company, but it was still in use for things like this. He never understood why, but he wasn't going to argue.

The group went to attention, face forward staring at each other on each side of the corridor. Backs against the wall. Waiting for the group to pass them, waiting to be inspected, scrutinized if need be.

As the Romulans approached Aranis moved forward a touch and bowed respectfully. "Jolan tru delegates. I am Commander Aranis T'San, commander of this station. I'd like to introduce you to my first officer Commander Daynah Ral, Lt. Commander Tolkath is our Chief Science Officer and Second Officer and his partner Lesai Tolkath our Diplomatic Envoy, and Lieutenant Carey our Security Chief, We'd like to welcome you to Starbase 718."

A centurion stepped forward to make the introductions, a herald of sorts. Such was the Romulan way, this tradition was something that Dimura insisted upon.

"Make respectful attention to Senator Sarukh, Ambassador and representative of the Larang District, Ambassador Retana of the Romulan Diplomatic Attache, and Colonel Dimura of the Tal Shiar."

The Centurion stepped back to allow the delegates in. Dimura took notice of the ridiculous uniforms and aside from the attractive Trill First Officer this seemed to be going exactly as Dimura had thought.

Sarukh saw Dimura was not going to speak, although she caught him eying the Trill woman attentively, the old rogue.

She stepped forward "Commander T'San" She offered her hand in Federation fashion. Thank you for the invitation, it is pleasure to be here"

Aranis took her hand and gave it a shake, then bowed in his own peoples tradition. "The pleasure is all mine, Senator. I have missed interactions with your people and look forward to seeing more of each other."

Following her Commanding Officer's lead Daynah welcomed the delegates. "Jolan Tru one and all. Welcome to Starbase 718. I hope that your stay with us is fruitful and benificial to all." She made no efforts to make physical contact with them. Internally Daynah was screaming, she was at a total loss and felt out of her element. Thankfully the part of her that was Norah Ral the tried and true diplomat took control.

Sarukh went down the line, exchanging greetings with the Stations Officers.

"You are welcome here Senator" Lesai spoke, in perfect Romulan. "I hope and trust we can work together in peace and friendship for the benefit of both our peoples"

"Thank you Envoy. I will not make promises, but we are here with an open mind and good intentions" Saruhk responded evenly, in Vulcan. As least most of us are She thought to herself

The Centurion shook hands with their Security Officer, some sort of bastard-Vulcanized-hybred from the look of him, those Vulcans for all their morality and logic would mate with anything he thought. He gave the man a firm, very firm, handshake and smiled thinly.

"Those would be the Mark Seven phaser pistols, or the Mark Seven point Twos?" N'Vak nodded at the Starfleet honor guard's weapons

"They would be the Mark Seven phaser pistols, you know your Starfleet weapons." He replied as he took his own from his side, "Care to take a closer inspection?"

He handed the pistol to the Romulan. "My father was Vulcan, but was adopted and raised by Humans and chose to live the Human lifestyle." It wasn't the first time he was asked about such things. Even if it wasn't vocally.

N'Vak was not sure if that was worse, but the man at least was direct and had a military bearing about him that the Centurion could appreciate.

"Huh" He grunted, then gave a genuine smile "Nice to finally meet one with a sense of humor then."

He took the offered phaser and handed over his own disrupter in return. "This is a Series Eighteen Disrupter. They are issuing the Twenty Series now, but I prefer the Eighteens. A littler shorter range, but the casing is tougher and it has better battery life"

The two warriors looked over each others tools of the trade, a little mutual respect growing between them.

Dimura did not shake any hands, he instead opted for the old Romulan custom of making no physical contact. He spoke his Jolan Tru's which was expected of him. He had come to the decision that while he played the diplomat externally. Internally he would use this opportunity to gain any information that he could. Of course reports back to Tal Shiar command would go out frequently. There could be a silver lining to this yet.

Retana opted for the shaking of hands also. Truth be told it was a good judge of someone how well they shook. A loose, light hand was an easy touch, in her mind weak with no confidence. A form, well gripped handshake meant the opposite. Confidence, interest and sometimes superiority.

Once the official welcome was complete. Lesai spoke again. "We have prepared a short itinerary for today. A tour of the station and facilities, lunch on the Promenade and then our first formal meeting on the Diplomatic level this afternoon.

My aide has these PaDD with the more detailed programme, deck listings and draft Embassy documents for your perusal"

Baker steeped up and handed over the PaDDs. He came to the Tal Shiar Colonel last and stood there with hand out stretched for the man to take it.

Dimura took the device and began to peruse the information. As an afterthought he remembered human culture. "Thanks..." he muttered.

"You're welcome Colonel" Benson nodded and withdrew.

"Yes, thank you." Retana said also taking the PADD and skimming through it. It was the first time she had been on a Starfleet installation, let alone one of this size.

Sub Commander Vetra positioned two of the escort and the Centurion at the hatch and then approached T'San.

"Commander, may I have permission to allow small parties of my crew to take periods of shore leave aboard your Station?"

"Of course Sub Commander. Your people are free to take in the promenade levels of our station. We have some Romulan shops, restaurants if they are looking for a taste of home so to speak." Aranis replied graciously.

Of course the other more sensitive areas were off limits. The promenade was really all they needed access to.

"Thank you Commander. I will see to it they behave themselves" The Romulan nodded and returned up the corridor to his ship.

"Again, welcome to Starbase Seven One Eight" Lesai spoke, raising her voice to get everyone's attention. "If you will accompany me, we will begin our tour of the station" She gestured towards the turbo lift and led the way.


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