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Lt. Creedmore Arrival On Station

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 @ 2:59am by Lieutenant Vonn Creedmore & Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Aranis T'San

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: MD001, 1030 hrs

Vonn moved swiftly trough the massive station. She had just arrived and being familiar with the Spacedock stations found her way to the Captains ready room to report in. The station was barren and void of staff yet. It was clear that more than a few minor things were still being worked on or blocked of due to resent construction. In all it would be a challenge for her to put together. She shivered as she thought of the condition of main operations control...

Passing though security and displaying her credentials and orders she headed down the corridor to the Captains ready room. Vonn hit the chime.

The meeting between Aranis and his XO, whom he had found out was the recipient of the Ral symbiont and his old CO and friend, had came to an end. Just as Daynah was about to leave the door rang out and Aranis looked at her and smiled. With a little shrug he spoke, "Enter."

"Thank you Ma'am." Vonn looked down at the Commander and smiled. "I dreadfully sorry to interrupt but I'm Vonn Creedmore, Operations and looking about for the station Commander or the Executive officer. Thought I'd check here first."

Daynah smiled sardonically. "Well you found them. The guy behind the desk is in charge, and I am the XO. Commander Ral, but you can call me Daynah if you wish." She held out her hand to shake.

Vonn took the Commanders hand smiling. "Daynah it is then." Creedmore respectfully looked to the Commander behind the desk and nodded.. "Lieutenant Creedmore, reporting as ordered Sir." Creedmore had stumbled into the CO and the Exec in one fell swoop. She hoped it wasn't a misstep in timing. However the executive officer seemed glad to see her and quite friendly.

Creedmore... Creedmore... he had read that name before. Granted he was a little behind in his crew transfers and had tried to read some, or skim them. He remembered the name as it stood out for some reason.

"Welcome to Starbase 718 Lieutenant." Aranis said with a bow, shaking hands was a Human custom he had not quite 'gotten to grips' with and preferred his own peoples welcome of a bow of respect. "You are my new Operations Chief? Is that right?" he asked as Ral looked at him with a slight glint in her eye as he had not looked up her file before her entrance. Otherwise he would have recognised the Ral name.

"Thank you Sir." Vonn returned the bow to the commander. "Yes sir I have been assigned the stations Ops chief." Creedmore hoped that was still the plan, as she knew there might have been changes she wasn't aware of. It often occurred in the Fleet.

"Yes, I think I remember seeing your name on the senior staff list in that position." Aranis offered a smile. "You'll have to excuse the station at the moment. We are just finishing off the refurbishment of the main areas of the station from what the maintenance teams have told me so far."

"I understand Sir, The station is indeed a large process. No such excuse needed at all. I plan to work closely with the Engineering branch to insure our operational capabilities are covered." Vonn knew that would be a day to day struggle on this giant. However if she could put together a good team things would certainly level out well for all concerned.

Daynah was happy to see that the woman already had ideas for Operations. That department certainly was one of the largest on a station such as this. After all they were responsible for docking and launching all vessels. Daynah was excited for what may be in store. "What do you have planned for the docking side of your team?"

"I'd like to review all of our safety procedures first and see if we need to focus on additional training. Then a security review just to be on the safe side, also upgrade the arrivals and departure matrix to see if a bit more time can be gained. The issue of inbound civilian freight carriers... They are furious about any customs delays. The team will be looking to improve that." Vonn knew the station had an excellent safety record. But things could always be improved if taken slowly and well supervised.

Creedmore saw a small opportunity, "I have observed that our Outbound traffic pattern a bit alarming. It seems vessels disembark at unauthorized speeds into a unstable traffic pattern.Collisions and mishaps concern us right now. I have observers out right now and will be discussing this with more than a few of these Captains and Ships Masters."

Daynah nodded. "I agree Lieutenant. I would also make sure that your Dock Masters make themselves known to all Captains and Ship Masters. I will me their responsibility to make sure that no one exceeds directives. They are after all the traffic controllers. I would also suggest that the entire Ops Department put through a emergency launch drill. If needed we have to be able to launch all Starfleet vessels in a matter of minutes. I want to make sure that everyone is ready for that scenario."

Vonn nodded in agreement to the Commanders request of the emergency launch drill. That was just the right path to take considering the size of the Station, preparation was everything with Creedmore.

"Currently we have several very full bays. Per regulation Starfleet vessels are required to keep a skeleton crew on board for any emergency. However due to lax enforcement of the regulation some captains allow entire crews shore leave. If we do have an emergency these vessels won't be capable of emergency departure. Under the SED or Station Emergency Departure some Captains wait until all crew have returned to the vessel which just destroys our evac capabilities." Creedmore hoped she hadn't thrown out to much to chew on and took a breath to clarify.

"I propose we stage a no notice drill as you requested and identify some of these issues with local fleet vessels and their leadership. But first I must ensure the evac override system that locks down all non fleet vessels at their docking points is up to the task. That might save us some real issues with civilian vessels floating around slamming into things as Star fleet vessels are leaving the station. I can get that data in a few hours."

"I would agree with the Commander on that point." Aranis piped in. "Starbase One had some issues doing so when the Borg appeared near Earth in the Battle for Sector 001. I was on one of the ships back in 73 when we fought against them and if the starbase had been quicker we may have saved more lives."

For a moment Aranis thought back to that day. The day his oldest foe arrived in his new home. It was a dark day for everyone and he knew the cost of Borg incursions more than anyone.

Creedmore had scenarios running through her brain like a brush fire. Some flashed past and were alarming. She shook them off knowing that Starbase evac's tended to run somewhat ugly with so many issues to be considered depending on what situation they were being confronted with at the moment. Vonn looked at her Commanders.

"Perhaps a quick review of the current ops plan that we have now and see if we can streamline it a bit. Review may identify some issues that have been overlooked that can be adjusted. Overall are goal has a wide spectrum. Protect our biggest asset, being the fleet, protect the stations inhabitants and swiftly bring the station into the fight." Vonn was confident it could be done.

"I would agree with you Lieutenant." Aranis replied. "You speak with confidence. I like that in my officers and am quite happy to let you proceed as you have planned. If you can keep me in the loop of what is happening, adjustments etc then I would appreciate it. Also if there is anything you need from me then I want you to know my door is always open to my staff. We are said to be a race of Listeners after all." he smiled.

"Yes sir. Always my intention. As far as we have not been assigned a Strategic Ops Officer I shall refer all those inquiries to you and the Exec for review." Vonn felt she had landed the right assignment. But this station would push her to the limit. She would be ready. Creedmore stood and saluted both officers. "By your leave Sir."

Aranis looked over at Daynah who simply nodded in that it was his decision to end the meeting. "Very good Lieutenant. I'll let you get started. It was nice to meet you and I look forward to your reports." he said so that she could leave and get on with the large job at hand.


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