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The Daughter of a Different World

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 12:47pm by Commander Aranis T'San & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Commander S & Lieutenant Dr. M’Sara Rth’than M.D.

Mission: M1: A Hand In Friendship
Location: Promonade
Timeline: Midday

M'Sara was at the Replimat during her lunch break from medical with a plate of General Tso's Chicken from the replicator and a book with the title 'Doctor Zhivago' on it. Engrossed in the boog, she did not notice the Romulan Delegation walking around, and every few minutes, her chopsticks would reach for another piece of her food on her plate as she read the book.

Dimura had chosen to walk the promenade and get a feel for what life aboard this Starbase would be like. He chose to wear his Romulan military uniform with his decorations. He did this for two reasons, the first was that he was proud of all he had accomplished and believed the Tal Shiar to be the true power of Romulus even to this day. The other was that he rather enjoyed the small amount of fear that it struck in those around him. He stopped dead in his tracks and motioned for his colleagues to stop as well. The sight in the replimat caught him off guard. A Romulan woman sat alone eating her meal. "Do you see what I see?" He said as he motioned subtly toward the woman. She's wearing a Starfleet uniform. The traitor! he thought.

Sara flipped a page. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Do you need any medical treatment?" She purposefully was ignoring the delegation., or at least trying to. She wanted to pretend Romulus did not matter to her. It was all horror stories told to her by her parents who escaped a system that condoned the Tal Shiar dragging people away in the middle of the night.

Dimura chose to ignore the traitor. He knew that the action was very undiplomatic but at the moment he did not care. Traitors deserved what they got, and if Sarkuth or Retana wanted to deal with this thing then they could. There was just some things he could not bring himself to do.

"Well... I did not expect Starfleet to play this card." Retana said to Dimura. "Do they think we will be more sympathetic to putting an embassy here if we see one of our kind in their colours?"

Retana continued. Truth be told she was not disgusted by what she saw, just surprised. The look on Dimura's face was plain to see for anyone around but Retana saw value in having someone 'on the inside' if you like.

Of course there was no connection between their party and this woman but it showed changing times, and maybe for the better. After all, Retana was an idealist.

Sara slammed her magazine down. "I won't be the only Romulan you see here in these colors in the next ten years." She stood and approached Relana. "Maybe you should be asking yourself...... 'What happened that convinced Romulans to leave the Empire in the first place?' Yes what happened to convince Romulans that their own empire was willing to destroy its own people? Hmm? Starfleet did not play this card. I did.. Typical... you see shadows everywhere. I never grew up having to look over my shoulder, expecting a dagger out of the night. Et tu brute, et tu..." If they studied shakespeare, or even heard of it, they'd know what that meant.

Retana smiled at the woman as she flew into a speech. "There will be no assassinations today." She took knew Shakespeare, and if she was honest found Terran culture quite fascinating. This is why she was here. She wanted progress.

"Quite the fire in you." Retana smirked. "I ask myself these questions often. I was only in my early 20s when I lost my family to the supernova. My colleagues here are rather obstinate in their views, or they can be." She said as she looked at Dimura. "But do not be so naive to believe that Starfleet doesn't have its own shadows... a dagger could be the least of your worries." Retana definitely liked this fiery soul.

Dimura had been listening to the exchange and try as he might to stay out of it he just could not stay silent any longer. He spoke in cool, even tones, devoid of emotion. In fact a Vulcan would have been proud of the way he spoke, that is if Vulcan's could be proud. He turned to face Sara.

"Would you like to know the difference between the Tal Shiar and Starfleet? It is not as big of a difference as one might think. The Tal Shiar does not conceal what it does. Everyone knows that we are to be feared and revered for the power that we can wield. However, Starfleet would tell you that they are this benevolent organization. But when no one is looking they are just has covert as the Tal Shiar."

Lesai and Sarukh had been visiting a merchants store to look at shoes and handbags, and returned as the exchange started. Benson trailed along carrying two large shopping bags for them.

Sarukh glanced between the three, folding her arms and watching. The young woman was not old enough to have come here on her own, she was probably the child of some dissident or malcontent, who fled the Empire that had protected and raised them. The child of traitor, was not responsible for the actions of their parents, but this one had apparently been indoctrinated with the most foulest lies.

She wondered with concern how sincere the Federation was if they permitted this kind of mentality amongst Starfleet officers. No Naval Officer would have dared speak in such a manner. Perhaps Dimra was right after all...

Lesai's brow furrowed seeing Rth’than. This hothead again, the woman had no manners or self control. Her petty personal opinion could cause lasting damage to the negotiations. She stepped in between Sara and Dimura.

"That will be quite enough Lieutenant" She locked eyes with Rth’than. "I think it is time you returned to your other duties"

"I do not fear you, Tal'Shiar. But then again I am your greatest fear, aren't I? That Romulans could live without your so-called 'protection.' My Commander thinks there's some sort of dialog possible here, but I know better than that."

She picked up her coffee and magazine. "Fascinating really; The Human's Roman Empire once assassinated their Emperor, and that empire fell. Many centuries later the Romulan Star Empire assassinates their Senate... and that empire fell. Et tu Brute, and Good day..." She turned to leave.

Lesai turned to Dimura, standing to block his view of the departing Rth’than in the hopes there would be no parting shots.

"Colonel, my sincere apologies for the Lieutenant's unacceptable behavior. It will be reported to Commander T'San I assure you. Her words are hers and hers alone, she does not speak for the Federation, Starfleet or Commander T'San"

Dimura's eyes narrowed for the briefest of moments as the Doctor walked away. He realized that he may have misjudged the woman. The Tal Shiar would not have anyone know this but they rather respected someone who can stand their ground. "I know that her words were hers and I wonder sometimes if they are correct. Either way no harm is done and it simply furthers my point."

He turned toward his comrades when he spoke the last sentence. There was an eerie calm over Dimura. The calm that only came when violent anger roiled. The calm before the storm if you will.

"She has less inhibition than you after a couple of ales Dimura." Retana teased.

Saruhk approached Lesai "You say she does not speak for the Federation or Starfleet or the Station Commander? Yet she serves under his command and he allows his officers to behave with such a lack of discipline?"

Saruhk was angry, not at the woman's silly outburst but at the breach in military duty and honor. She knew Starfleet operated differently to the Navy but any crew on her ship who had acted like that would have been court martialed and sent to a punishment battalion for the rest of their service.

"Again I sincerely apologize Senator." Lesai replied " I know Commander T'San will accept full responsibility for the Lieutenant's behavior as her Commanding Officer and I am sure he will want to apologize personally as soon as he is informed of the matter"

"Ensign Baker please ensure Commander T'San is advised immediately and that I request an urgent meeting with him. I will escort our guests to their quarters and make my way to his office directly"

"Yes Maam" Baker acknowledged, passing Saruhk her shopping bags and leaving.

"I wonder if there are any more surprises along the way..." Retana remarked. "If we have a Klingon maintenance man then I think I'll need to follow you into that meeting." Retana joked in a half serious half jovial tone.

Lesai ushered the delegates towards the nearest exit. She looked around, the Lieutenant's outburst had caught the attention of several dozen people on the promenade. Some appeared to be laughing but others, including a couple of Romulan's, appeared distressed.

Word of this little show would spread quickly, open disagreement between Starfleet Officers and Federation policy was never a good thing. She wondered what the fall-out would be and doubted it was be going to be beneficial.


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