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Same Old Soul

Posted on Thu Oct 22nd, 2020 @ 10:30am by Commander Aranis T'San & Commander Daynah Ral

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD001 - 0930 Hours

Aranis had always thought his office on the Cassiopeia was big, too big for how much he actually used it. However, this took the cake... if there was any. His old office as on his Galaxy class, nice desk and chair and opposite numbers, a nice couch and sometimes the fish would make an appearance.

Looking around the place he had now he felt he could fit his old quarters in here. A slight exaggeration to be sure but it did eclipse his old one. He had moved his old belongings over to try and decorate but he now knew the extent he would have to go just to fill space.

On the small side table behind his desk he had a family picture of him and his 5 chlldren. Samsun, Prin, Hera, Lorin and Rishan all together, sadly without their mother who died during the evacuation of El Auria so long ago. There were other pictures on the wall, various ones of his family, others of Starfleet events, pictures with friends and other officers. Some El Aurian styled art from Kaitos, and some that had been saved from home. There were also some small models of ships, mostly Starfleet littered around the room but Aranis had made one of his old El Aurian cruiser and even the freighter that brought his family to safety.

He sighed as he sat down and pushing his hands through his short cut beard. A station was a large job, not only for the amount of people on board but for the job expected of them and with a whole new crew to boot.

Daynah had just arrived at 718, as she walked out of the airlock she looked around wide eyed. Things had certainly changed since the last time that she was on the station. Daynah Ral had finally made it, she knew that this would be the place where she would make her way to the center chair and a command of her own. This was one of the rare moments where Daynah and Ral disagreed. Daynah wanted to go to her quarters and settle in, perhaps rest from the long journey over. However, Ral wanted to go check in on his old Ensign, who is now his CO T'San. Ral always like El Aurians because they were long lived like he was.

Ral usually won these internal debates and why should today be any different. So Daynah found herself a little bleary eyed ringing the door chime to the Ready Room. She tried frantically to straighten her uniform out and make herself look shipshape and ready while she waited for the command to enter.

Leaning back in the chair the door rang, it sounded different somehow but he knew it was just his imagination. "Come in." Aranis said wondering who was outside. In walked a tall woman with Commander pips on her neck. Still he had not looked at the personnel files to see who was coming on board.

Daynah smirked at the man behind the desk. She had meant to say Commander Daynah Ral reporting for duty. However, before she knew what was happening Ral took control. "You old son of a b&*ch. How is the only person who may be older than me doing?" When things like this happened Daynah knew the knowing look that she had to give. Which was exactly what she did right now. She only hoped that her new CO did not hold this breach of protocol against her.

Aranis stood just before she spoke but what came out of her mouth surprised him. His eyes widened, his brow raised and the surprise was evident. This was an odd introduction. By all accounts she looked young but then there was the Trill spots that ran down the sides of her head. The tone of the opening was familiar and for a moment Aranis thought... he shook it off and waited for a name before embarrassing himself.

"Quite an entrance Commander... I can tell from your expression that you are a joined Trill?" He asked.

Daynah seized control with a mental order for Ral to calm down for the moment. "My apologies sir. I am Commander Daynah Ral your new Executive Officer. It seems that you were an Ensign aboard the USS Valor under the command of one my previous hosts. One Captain Alaryc Ral, so it seems that you are the only person he knew that was almost as old as he was." She subconsciously let her arm graze her stomach as she spoke.

Aranis couldn't believe it. Ral, his 'oldest' friend and old mentor stood in front of him... well inside of a new host that was quite different from his old one. He knew that once a joining ends and the symbiont moves on that all ties with former lives are not pursued but apparently fate had other ideas.

"Your memory must be getting fuzzy Jota (grandfather), I was a Lieutenant when we met but that was over 25 years ago and I will say this is an improvement on your old host." Aranis said with a relaxing smile as he rose to his feet and gave a bow. "Welcome on board Commander, I am sure that Ral has kept you literally on your toes since joining."

There was a moment that flashed across his mind. The battle in which Alaryc lost his life. Aranis still remembered it like it was yesterday. His 400 year old memory was impeccable given the span that it had been going.

"Oh he likes to remind me that I am no where near as old as he and that I should do everything as he says. But I keep him in line..." There was a brief pause where Daynah's demeanor changed for a moment and a smirk crawled across her soft features. "Lieutenant yes well you were always a little too big for your britches. Listen to you old man trying to get flirty with those serving under you." The smirk remained on her face and it was clear that at least for the moment Ral was not going to let the opportunity to catch up with an old friend slip away.

"I am friendly with everyone as you well know." Aranis replied as he knew Ral was making himself present. "Have you met anyone else from the Valour since Alarycs passing?" he asked.

"As you are no doubt aware Trill do not seek to reconnect with people from our past lives. It seems to be a little too hard for those who are not as long lived as we. However, I have come in contact with no one from the Valor. I have spent a chunk of my Starfleet career in the shadow of Jazra aboard the Apollo. In fact I was not fully made aware of all of Alaryc's memories until fairly recently. What I would like to know is how you have risen through the ranks? Captain that is not something to shake a stick at." Daynah took a seat as she spoke. She rather enjoyed catching up with this old friend and she could feel that Ral was thankful for it.

"No I know that is a custom that Trill follow. I have met a few of you in my time here, some followed, some didn't. I was only curious if you had bumped into anyone else. I am surprised I am the first. The surviving crew of the Valour were scattered after her destruction." he neglected to mention the time he spent in a Dominion Camp as a prisoner, also the fighting that they took part in both during the war and the battle against the Borg.

"Although to answer your question. I just haven't." he shrugged. "I am in no rush to add a pip to my chest, rank and status has never been important to me if you remember?" he half asked. "I served on the USS Edinburgh as XO for 15 years under Captain Xiao. We spent time in Romulan space building them back up after the supernova, much to Starfleet insistence that we stop but we always found a reason. Coupled with the attack on Mars, the banning of artificial life..." he sighed. "There was too much to do."

"Indeed there is sir. Perhaps it is time we get to it. This station isn't going to build itself." Daynah replied with a large smile on her face.

"No, sadly it is not." Aranis replied, a smile of his own forming. "I'll let you do the rounds and get yourself settled on board. Try not to get lost Jota."

Ral pushed Daynah's consciousness aside. "Don't let the pips go to your head." The cadence and tone of Daynah's voice sounded exactly like Captain Alaryc Ral. That is to someone who knew him of course. She gave Aranis a slight wink. Before mustering to attention and awaiting the order to leave.

"Only thing that goes to my head is temporal loops and Romulan ale." Aranis joked. "You are dismissed Commander. Go and get settled."


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