Beware Romulans Bearing Medkits

Posted on Thu Apr 8th, 2021 @ 11:45am by Commander Aranis T'San & Lieutenant Dr. M’Sara Rth’than M.D.

Mission: M1: A Hand In Friendship
Location: Docking Port A, Infirmary

A transport docked with the starbase and almost immediately, when the docking port opened. A young Romulan Woman with a Bolian that was in the process of turning green forced her way past the officers. "Whoa! Wait a sec. Both of you have to go through base cust...."

"Screw that!!!" Sara stated. "Do you see what's happening to this man?"

The customs officer was taken aback by the brusque Romulan Medical Officer. "This man is having an alergic reaction. Someone's luggage had a nest of Angosian Ticks in it. In five minutes, he will be in shock and in ten he will be DEAD!! Make yourself useful and get a medkit and hover-stretcher!!!"

"Yes, Ma'am." The Customs Officer could only say.

A security officer delivered a medkit to Sara and she opened it and injected the Bolian with Adrenaline. "I need an Anaphalaon drip in this base's infirmary. Full trauma package. Zyranine ten CC's and inform the nurses he's allergic to Cordazine. We're going to need to use something with less potency or he'll slip into a coma."

"Can we beam you to the Infirmary." The Security officer noted.

"No, We cannot risk it, if we beam him in this condition, he may go into shock. Hoverstretcher." The officers and the doctor helped the man into the stretcher. "You're Doctor Rth'than?" One of the customs officers noted as Sara.

"Yeah?" Sara responded.

"The Commander asked me to tell you to send you to his office when you got aboard." Said the customs agent.

"If the Commander wants to see me, he'll see me or he'll wait. Right now I have a patent, I'm not leaving his side until I deem that his life is out of danger. Tell him to wait!!!" R'Sara pushed the Bolian to the Infirmary.


M'Sara continued to attend to the Bolian in the Infirmary. "Computer Record Audio; Patient: Bolian, Male. Lastname: Sakor, Firstname: Moarlin. Patient had a histamine reaction to Citalimorpha. Also known as the Angosian Flea. Potency of toxins in the patent's blood stream leads me to believe that the Freighter's Captain was illegally transporting various mammalian species susceptible to Hytovirius Syndrome. Therefore I'm filling out a medical order for the ship to be impounded as a biohazard and submitted to a maintenance facility for a Baryon Sweep. The Captain is likely to be up my ass about this. I don't particularly care. He was lucky there was no joined trills onboard. Incident Report will be submitted to Security Division and the Starbase Commanding Officer for further review." Sar mentioned.

Aranis had read a quick action report on the actions within one of the docking ports. It appears the new Chief Medical Officer knows how to make an entrance, and with the accomplice of rather colourful Bolian. There was a lot of talk about this in such a short amount of time.

As he walked into the infirmary he noticed the Bolian lying on a bed with whom appeared to be Lieutenant Rth'than. "I hear you had quite the end to your trip doctor. How is your patient doing?" he asked.

Sara stood and gestured the CO into the main bay. "Five minutes and a standard biosweep before departure could have kept this man from nearly dying, but a lot of ports out there are not Federation Worlds who have looser regulations concerning interstellar freight. The Fleas came onboard during a layover on Angosia, and the captain picked up a heard of Dakath and Iroh on Bajor. Citlamorpha would feed on anything worm, but it's their stomachs that carry the real danger." Sara mentioned as she brought up a file on Angosian Fleas. "They have very low metabolisms, so food sits in their stomachs for a very long time. Enough to become something of a biological paradise for any pathogen. Normally most immune systems counter it. Our friend here is in the five percent that was allergic to the primordial soup that was in the flea's stomach." Sara mentioned. "Either way, I signed off on the impound of Captain Yarwhen's ship. Five percent of people in any population pool infected with what Mr. Sakor had inside him, and we would be needing a base load of body bags."

M'Sara placed her thumb on the impound order and handed it to the Commander. "No ifs, ands, or buts. I'm given broad authority to impound vessels If I deem it a health hazard to the base, and I have proof. And believe my proof will wake up soon and tell everyone how breathing through a sock is like. This could have been avoided if Captain Yarwhen had biofilters in his transporter rooms."

Aranis took the PADD as gave it a read. "I know what your authority is on board the station Doctor and we are in full agreement on this occasion that the vessel should be impounded and swept. What I do not want is an infestation on my station affecting the lives on those we are in charge of." he said as he thumbed the impound order and baryon sweep. As he looked at the Bolian he sighed. "It is sad how something so easily avoided can cause such disarray. Transports from non-Federation worlds will be subject to medical clearance before boarding the station. On a installation this size the last thing I want is an outbreak..."

Sara nodded. "Thank you. It's nice to know we're all on the same wavelength here. I think we'll work well with each other." She noted. "Although, I must admit. I don't know how a Romulan in a Starfleet Medical uniform will be received here. I was convinced to come out here, because they needed someone who understands the nuances between Vulcan and Romulan Physiologies. They're very similar. Vulcans usually thrive in a desert environment. Romulans in a more temperate environment. My mother always believed that Romulus' ecosystem had an effect on those of the first empire. Comparative physiology between Vulcan and Romulan has become something of a fascination to her recently. To summarize, you cannot use a c-section for a Vulcan on a Romulan. Similar, but different. So, the head of Starfleet Medical wanted me out here."

"We are happy to have someone of your expertise here, Doctor. I appreciate that you have came here, I can understand your apprehension to coming. This place is a unique point in this sector for all traffic, Romulan and otherwise, and I know have you here will be an asset." Aranis replied as he looked around Sickbay. "I have no doubt there will be moments of 'friction' here as the locals become used to your position here but it is a positive move as there will be more trust from our Romulan guests if someone is of their kin."

"Now that you're here, Commander." Sara flipped open a medical tricorder and began scanning the commander. "One thing I can say about El-Aurian physiology is you're just as genetically robust as a human. I had a chance to study some El-Aurian Medical databases your ancestors brought to the Federation during your exodus., fascinating reading." M'Sara mentioned. "Hmm, You're quite healthy for a man in his four hundreds. I only wish I am this vibrant when I reach your age."

"As you say doctor, I am blessed with good genes." he smiled back to her. "As for being over 400, there are days when I feel it more so than others and I am glad that some use of our medical files were made. The Exodus was a horrific event, one that will stay with me until the day I pass on. The losses were far too many but we strive to continue now, we have too."

"Well, don't worry, Commander. The day's young and I'll find something wrong with you sooner or later." She noted. "I just hope I can still turn heads when i get to four hundred."

Aranis laughed. "Bit far away to worry about for you I'd think. I've still got a long way to go before I am even close to old age... but as long as I am fit at the moment then all is good?" He asked hoping to get on with his duties. He could feel the requests building as he sat there.

"Well, other than a slight case of arthritis in your left hand. You're clear for duty." Sara mentioned with a smirk. "Nice to meet you."

"You too Doctor." Aranis replied with a smile. "I'll let you get on with your work. If you need anything you know just to call." he said as he walked out of sickbay.