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Are We Safe?

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 12:31pm by Freya Lightwood & Lieutenant Thomas Carey

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: CSTO Office

Tensions were high on board. With a high concentration of Romulans on board and their opinions on Starfleet festering it seemed like the slightest pop on the promenade caused hearts to race. There had been a contingent of Klingons on board recently too that had led to minor altercations and then there were just the normal crimes on board.

Freya had a good relationship with the old Security Chief. She used to slip him information that came her way in exchange for some back. She was interested in seeing if it would be the same with this new man that had came on board. Commander Kingsley was quite an old school officer in many respects.

She stood outside his office fixing her hair before pressing the chime and awaiting an answer.

Thomas was just arriving to the office, for a break, and for updates on the other happenings of the station when he noticed someone at his door. "Can I help you?"

Freya turned to meet the man and smiled. "I am looking for you Lieutenant Carey. My name is Freya Lightwood, Federation News Service. I was just looking for some of your time."

"I'm on a strict schedule Miss Lightwood." Thomas replied as he walked in. "I have a two minute breather."

Freya followed and let out a little sigh at the rather abrupt nature of his reply. She knew they were all busy but still, the people wanted to know what was going on with this new crew shake up. They wanted to know they were safe, included and how the change might affect them.

"Then I will attempt to make this quick. Can't have you being beaten for talking to a reporter." she joked as the man seemed to need a little light-hearted joking in his life at this moment in time. "People on this station are concerned about the security provided on this station since Starfleet began its refit and crew change. We have seen an increase in assaults in the civilian quarter, mostly Romulan victims. There has been an increase in the Klingon presence on the station leading to anxiety and tension almost feels like a bomb waiting to go off. There have also been breaches in security on the promenade, the tech systems do not seem secure at all." she opened with.

"That's what I am here to stop, I am short handed at the moment, however, I am calling all civilians that have some sort of security background to assist in the upkeep of protection." Thomas replied, he knew of the assaults, but he had been so swamped in the refit that he had neglected other duties. "I will personally see to it that this comes to a stop. But this has to be done not just by me, this has to be a group effort. If it does come down to it, if need be, off the record. There will be martial law to keep civilians safe, until everyone complies."

"I am glad that you call on civilians to help aid you, to some degree that will help. It will build trust with them and that is something that is in short supply at the moment as things rapidly change. I will show my readers that, at the moment, you are striving for cohesion and unity." she said as his last comment lingered. "Off the record Lieutenant, martial law would be a mistake on this station and would be the powder keg that would finish Starfleet off in this sector. I hope it does not come to that."

"With all due respect Miss... If the attacks happen, and I don't do anything to stop it, then I am not doing everything in my power to stop it. I did not say I wanted it, nor was going to do it. It is a last resort." Thomas replied as he looked at the time. "Your two minutes are up Miss... I have to get back to work."

"With all due respect to you as well Lieutenant I did not say that you did want it. I was just giving you an opinion based on my time on the station and knowing the people that live on it better than you do. That was all." she said with a smile. He seemed a rather stern man but she had no idea what it took to manage the security of a station this large. "Thank you for your time Lieutenant. I'll let you get back to work." she added with a little skip and off she went to piece together a story.


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