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Settling in - Part II

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 11:06am by Lieutenant Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath, Son of Srada, Son of Tars & Lesai Tolkath - Federation Diplomatic Envoy

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Senior staff quarters - Deck 28

[Senior staff quarters - Deck 28]

It was early evening by the time Lesai had finished dealing with the various diplomatic responsibilities that had been thrust upon her. Most should have been accomplished by lower level personnel, but with a depleted staff she had been left to wade through the work.

The door to their quarters slid open for her to enter. Tolkath was not yet there.

She and her husband had only glanced at the compartment early that morning. Now she had time to look over the rooms that would be their home for the next few years.

Their Starfleet and Federation ranks and married status entitled them to a comfortable suite.

The door had opened on to a large open compartment. the far wall was dominated by three large windows, looking out onto space.

To the left of the door was a living room and lounge area, with chairs and couches.

She looked the space over, there was room to move the chairs and set up an area for the family shrine and meditation, with a low table for a lamp and incense burner. They had an antique hand-woven rug that would fit very well.

On the right side was a small kitchen and replicator set up, then beyond that, near the windows was a dining area with table, four chairs, storage units and shelves set into the wall.

She walked around the galley kitchen, it was well equipped and since both she and Tolkath preferred fresh food to replicated, she knew they would be using it regularly.

Two doors led off to the right, one to an office area then other to the suite's second bedroom, also with an external window and ensuite bathroom.

She glanced over the bedroom, it would be suitable for a child. She and Tolkath had discussed starting a family, but this was only their second joint postings, perhaps now might be time to consider it she mused.

Crossing back through the main living area there was a door on the let, this led to the main bedroom. A large room, with the bed facing another window, beyond that was a spacious walk-in closet and then the ensuite bathroom.

She nodded to herself, the accommodation was comfortable and more than adequate for their simple tastes.

She heard the door open and returned to the main room. Tolkath was there, behind him came two Operations crewmen with grav-sleds and their personal luggage containers he had retrieved from the transport ship they had arrived on.

"Thank you gentlemen" Tolkath instructed them. "Please set the containers there" He pointed to a open piece of floor.

The crewman deposited the containers, packed up their sleds and left.

"How was your first day?" Tolkath asked his wife, reaching out and touching her temple with his finger tips.

She returned the gesture. "It was... active" She replied "And yours?"

"Also active..." He agreed. "Shall we unpack?"

"I think that can wait until tomorrow, would you like to eat? I was too busy for lunch"

Tolkath nodded "I will prepare something, go and shower and change"

"I will do so" Lesai replied and headed for the bedroom.

When she returned she found Tolkath had set the table and prepared them a meal, salad and Pok Tar. It was replicated but still looked appetizing.

He removed his uniform tunic and they sat down to eat. "It appears I have inherited a very efficient Yeoman... " He began the conversation and told his wife about Dawkins

They talked over dinner and then later as they lay in bed Lesai laid her head on her husband's chest.

"I believe the work here will be challenging" She said softly, looking out the window onto the rich tapestry of spcae. "But I find I am looking forward to it..."

"I agree" Tolkath replied, his arm on her shoulder "And being together will be pleasant also"

Lesai closed her eyes, giving him a gentle hug.


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