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Settling in - Part I

Posted on Thu Dec 3rd, 2020 @ 10:39am by Lieutenant Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath, Son of Srada, Son of Tars & Lesai Tolkath - Federation Diplomatic Envoy

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Science Decks & Diplomatic Suite
Timeline: After "We come to serve"

[Science Decks - Various]

After their meeting with T'San the couple went their separate ways to check in with their respective departments.

Tolkath's domain covered several decks at different levels. He started on Deck 81 which housed the three large primary science laboratories.

Adjacent to these was the equally large and powerful Main Astrometric facility. This was filled with consoles and monitors that showing various astronomical data and graphic images from surrounding space. The room was dominated by a massive wrap-around holographic projection screen, the largest one Tolkath had seen.

Moving on he took the turbolift down to the rest of the science operations, which were spread over three Decks 95, 96 and 97.

Here were another fifteen science laboratories; secure containment & storage facilities; science replicators & technical support facilities; Science Heads of Sections Offices; an administration office and his own Science Labs 3-18, Science secure containment & Storage facilities, Science replicators & Technical support facilities; Chief Science Officer’s Office.

Entering he found a small reception area with a Female Human Yeoman, in Science Teal, at her desk. She stood up as he entered.

"Good morning Sir" She greeted him "You would be Commander Tolkath, I'm your administrative Yeoman, Chief Petty Officer Victoria Dawkins. I'll show you your office Sir"

She stepped around the desk and led the way through another door. Beyond was a large office, the room was divided into several sections. A less formal area with two couches, two chairs, a coffee table and a replicator; a large conference table with room for eight and then over by the three large windows was an L-shaped desk with chair and with four more chairs arrayed before it. Behind it was a bank of shelves, currently empty and to the side the wall was a host of monitors.

On the other wall was a large decorative desert landscape picture. Tolkath recognized the scene immediately. It portrayed the plains of Vulcan's Forge and to one side was the rocky entrance to the T'Karath Sanctuary, once used by the Surannites and the birthplace of the Vulcan Reformation.
Tolkath's own ancestors had been amongst the early Surrannites.

"This is not here by chance, I assume Chief" He said raising an eyebrow to Dawkins

"No sir" Dawkins replied. "But I like to do my research on my new boss and I thought you might like it"

Tolkath nodded his head. "The scene is pleasant. What other research have you done?" It was unusual being the object of study, rather than the researcher himself.

"Well, when we received notice of your transfer, I contacted the Marco Polo they told me what I needed" Dawkins replied with a shy grin.

"Such as?" Tolkath asked

"Well... I'll show you" Dawkins crossed to the replicator "Vulcan Spice Tea, Voroth Blend, Hot" She instructed it.

A moment later a tall tea glass, on a small saucer with a long spoon, materialized, it filled with a dark amber liquid that gentle steamed.

Dawkins brought it over to the desk and set it down, she gave it a quick stir with the spoon. Slivers of green fronds swirled in the glass. "I think that's right sir"

Tolkath was born and raised in the Raal provide of Vulcan, that bordered the Voroth Sea. The local version of Spice tea added a little dried kelp to the usual tea leaves, giving it a unique tangy-salty taste.

He raised the glass and sniffed the steam. It certainly had the right aroma. He sipped it cautiously.

The temperature was perfect, nearly scalding hot and the taste was very close indeed to the real version. He sat at his new desk and took a longer drink.

"That is satisfactory Chief, thank you" He said, inwardly impressed.

Dawkins grinned, she'd worked for a couple of Vulcan scientists before and she knew a compliment when she heard it. "Thank you sir. I've also programmed in Ms Lesai's Plomeek Tea with lemon blend"

Tolkath nodded. "That is appreciated Chief, now what is on the schedule?"

Dawkins crossed to the desk and pointed to his terminal screen. "I have your schedule all there Sir.

An initial meeting and working lunch, with the Heads of Section at noon, here in your office.

Then there is a research presentation on proto-biogenic chemicals found meteor ice crystals in Lab Nine, at fourteen hundred; followed by a review of an upgrade program for the electron scanning microscopes in labs eleven and twelve, that's in Lab Eleven.

And then you have a conference call with the Sector Science Liaison, Commodore Bet'Lak, at sixteen thirty, back here"

Tolkath nodded looking over his itinerary.

Dawkins continued. "I have also brought up the latest Science personnel files, all one hundred and eighty-four of them; Training and certification records; shore-leave and transfer rosters and departmental inspection reports" She pointed to the various logos on his screen.

"Very efficient Chief, thank you" Tolkath again impressed with the woman's organizational skills.

"You're welcome sir" Dawkins replied. "Ill be right outside if you need me" She turned and left.

Tolkath looked over his agenda again, it was going to be a busy afternoon.

[Diplomatic Suite - Deck 91]

Although the Stations diplomatic functions were spread over several decks Lesai wanted to find her office first and made her way down to Deck Ninety-One. The Federation Diplomatic offices were down a corridor near to the Main Summit Chamber.

She had memorized the deck layout earlier and found her suite without difficulty. But rounding a corner though she came on a mass of a bodies, around a dozen or so, of at least eight different species, all crowded into the small space.

From the noise, shouting, gesturing and general body language on display most of them appeared to be upset about something.

In the middle was a besieged young male Human Starfleet Ensign in diplomatic purple, who was being harangued by several of those present.

Lesai cleared her throat. She was ignored so tried again, the group was still focused on the young Ensign.

Clamly she reached out and rhythmically pounded the flat of her hand onto the panel of the corridor wall. She did it three times, slowly, after a moment they gradually quietened down and all turned to look at her.

"Now that I have your attention" She said, speaking calmly and clearly, deliberately keeping her voice low, forcing them to listen. "Perhaps you might tell me what is going on here" She beckoned the Ensign to come toward her.

He extricated himself from between a male Ferengi and a female Klingon both of whom had been holding an arm each wile they bellowed in his ear.

"I'm Envoy Lesai" She introduced herself to the man "And you are?"

"Ensign Baker, mar'm" He said "Jason Baker, Diplomatic Aide, I'm your assistant. Sorry I wasn't able to contact you earlier, as you can see, I've been a little busy"

"That's quite alright Mister Baker and who are these people?" She asked looking around the group.

"Well, we have several wanting to claim refugee status; some Ferengi trade delegates, two Nausican Embassy staffers who need their credentials approved and six who are applying for visitor permits" Baker explained.

"I understand, and why are they in this corridor?" Lesai asked

"They're on the waiting list to see the senior duty Diplomatic Officer, Mar'm"

"Very well and who is that today?"

"Eerr..., that's you M'arm" Baker said apologetically. "You are the only senior diplomatic officer we have right now"

That set the crowd off again, they all advanced on Lesai, waving documents and data sticks, shouting and yelling boisterously.

She held up her hands. "Do please be quiet" She said clearly. "I will get to you all in time, who is first?" She asked Baker

That set them all off again, as they all argued over who was there first.

Lesai raised an eyebrow and folded her arms across her chest.

"There will be order here" She said clearly, now raising her voice slightly. "If there is not... I shall have a Station Security Team summoned and we will clear the corridor"

Her tone was calm and passive, her face blank of emotion but her gaze left them in no doubt she was not making an empty threat.

That shut them up. One of the Nauscians opened his mouth to protest but the other one elbowed him in the ribs and he closed it again quickly.

"Good, now if you will kindly, and quietly, sort yourselves out into order. I will endeavor to see all of you in due course. Mister Baker, please show me to my office" Lesai said evenly.

There was a general shuffling around as the group got themselves into a sort of line, a Klingon and the Nauscians had a bit of a push and shove over who was there first but they settled that quickly when Lesai's gaze fell on them.

When they were quiet she nodded pleasantly to the group and followed Baker in through a door. Once it was closed she asked him. "Is it usually this busy?"

"Actually this is a quiet day, normally there's fifty of them!" He replied.

"Do the other Diplomatic Officers not deal with these matters?"

"There aren't any others Mar'm." Baker explained "The last one transferred out two weeks ago. You're the first of the new ones to arrive"

Lesai raised an eyebrow. "I see, well let me get settled and then you can show the first one in"

She found her desk, sat down, started up her terminal, waved Baker to the door and said "Let us begin..."

To be continued...


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