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New Post, New Possibilities

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 11:08am by Ensign Kasper Edison & Lieutenant Thomas Carey

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: SB 117 Docking bays, and Chief of Security office
Timeline: MD-01 0900

After weeks of travel and hopping between ship and shuttles, he finally arrived at SB-117 as the shuttle touched down in one of the docking bays several other officers filed out as grabbed his duffel bag and quickly filed out and sought the nearest turbo-lift eager to get settled in and start his new job.

Thomas was just opening up some more consoles, it was merely two hours into the job, and it was going no where near what he had wanted. This system was out of date. 'run down' which was told to him about the station was mild. But being determined he worked away.

"Chief, there is a new recruit to the station Colton Renfroe, warrant officer just coming in." Ensign Parson replied over the intercom.

Thomas sat down on the chair. "Thank you Lt." he had read briefly of all new officers on the way. What better way to see how he is on duty than to assign him a task. They were still undermanned in the department, so any help was needed. "Tell him to report to the Ops centre."

"Aye sir."

As Colton made his way to the office duffel bag over his left shoulder and pressed the chime and awaited a response.

Ensign Parsons looked over. "You must be our new brig officer." She stated. "The Chief is up in ops at the moment, if you want you can leave your stuff here, and go meet him. I suspect he will have you put straight to work."

"Thank you, ensign," Colton replied with his heavy southern drawl before promptly putting down his duffel bag and quickly head out to OPS. he stepped in turbo lift and now all too familiar pneumatic hiss of the doors and hum as it speeds to it's destination as the doors his open and stepped off he said, "I'm looking for Lieutenant Carey." His Chevy drawl drawing a few curious looks.

Thomas looked up from under the console, one of the things he had hated about this whole thing, but it needed to be done. "Over here." Slowly he made his way up, and brushed himself off and straightened his uniform. "Follow me." He replied as he headed to the commanders office. He wasn't here, but he didn't think he would mind.

Colton nodded and followed the Lieutenant over to the station commander's office, as the two entered Colton Began to look around and trying price together what had to happen and what was currently happing. "Warrant officer Renfroe reporting for duty Lieutenant." Colton said as he snapped to attention his drawl ever evident

Thomas walked over to the desk, not sitting behind it, but leaning back onto the front of the desk. "Relax Renfroe this isn't the marines. Its not how I run my department." He picked up a pad. "Just place your thumbprint here, and you will be all set to get to work." Noticing the drawl that the warrant officer, it was something that was in the report. "That doesn't mean anything." He stated to himself

Colton relaxed walked and quickly put his thumbprint on the PADD as he said: "Very well sir, what's my assignment." His southern drawl twanging with eager anticipation

"Well, I hope you have nothing planned for the next month or longer, we need to do a complete overhaul of the ships security systems. Which is what I am currently working on." Thomas replied as he took the padd and placed it on the Commanders desk. "We are short handed, everyone will be working extra shifts."

"Understood," Colton Replied with his twangy drawl raising an eyebrow, "Sir am I missing something here a complete overhaul of a function stations security systems, seems like a bit much, I was under the impression the upgrades and like took place fairly regularly in these type of station." Colton try to get a better understanding of what he was walking into.

"This station has seen better days. We are here to bring it back up to specs where its supposed to. More so when we are done with it." Thomas replied as he took another padd. "Here is a list of things to be done. The order you do them does not matter, just make sure they are done within the next 8 hrs."

Kasper had entered the room just as Carey passed a PADD to someone new. With a nod and agreement that they would attend to these jobs the man left. "Here is an update on the Ops security upgrade sir. We are a little ahead of schedule due to the help from engineering and operations assisting but we are having trouble clearing some of the old subroutines embedded by the old security chief. It will need your clearance to change." he said passing him a new PADD.

"I don't have time for these ensign." Thomas replied as he looked through the subroutines. These were obsolete by todays standards. It was nothing against him. Some of the old were just as good as the new. However some were just too old. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Doesn't always work especially with the way things were in this area of space. "Ensign, do not tell anyone I'm about to give you access to my clearance. I am way too busy to give clearance to every little thing that needs updating." Within a few moments. He paused. "How long have you been in service Ensign?"

Caught slightly aback by the Chiefs admission and trust Kasper smiled nervously. "Only 6 months sir. I am not long out of the Academy." he admitted himself.

"Well... consider yourself my acting assistant until someone is transferred to take your place." He paused. "Ill have the necessary codes sent to you, so you can stop using my own."

"Very well Lieutenant. I will make sure to clear the way for our staff to make the changes we need to secure our operating systems. Do you need anything done, or would you just like me to get on with things?" he asked.

"At the moment Ensign." He paused a moment. "Just prioritize. That's all. A good officer always prioritizes. If things go smoothly, there may be a hollow pip to be added on to your collar."

Kasper smiled and gave a quick snap to attention as he was being dismissed. "The one pip suits me just fine thank you sir. In the future maybe but now the weight of that one still bears on me." he said as he then turned and left to go about his duties on the station as Lt. Carey had instructed him.


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