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We Come To Serve

Posted on Thu Dec 3rd, 2020 @ 10:32am by Lieutenant Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath, Son of Srada, Son of Tars & Lesai Tolkath - Federation Diplomatic Envoy & Commander Aranis T'San

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: SB Commander's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

The door closed on the heels of the Strategic Operations Officer and slid open again a few moments later.

T'San's Yeoman stuck her head in "I have Lieutenant Commander Tolkath next Sir; Chief Science Officer and Ms Lesai Tolkath, Federation Diplomatic Service officer. Shall I show them in?"

Aranis was standing by his holo-table. He had been looking at the system star charts, the surrounding areas and movements of others within. There was a lot of activity in the Romulan sector that was concerning him but he was keeping an eye on it for now. As he turned he waved his hand over the off button and smiled. "Sure, send them both in." he said making his way to the desk but remaining on his feet.

The Yeoman nodded and a moment later a Vulcan couple entered. The male in Starfleet Teal, the woman in a dark robe, with the purple bands of the Federation Diplomatic service. Both were tall and athletic, typically Vulcan features, he moved with purpose, she with an easy grace.

The Male came to attention and announced himself. "Sir, Lieutenant Commander Tolkath, Service Number SD-247-671. My orders Sir"

He placed a PaDD on T'San's desk and gestured to the woman next to him.

"May I present my wife, Lesai, Federation Diplomatic service."

She gave a gentle bow of her head. "Pleased to meet you Commander" She said smoothly, stepping forward and also placing a PaDD on the desk. "My credentials"

She stepped back to join her husband. "We come to serve" She finished with the traditional Vulcan saying.

"At ease Commander." Aranis said as bowed his head in return to both of them. "Welcome to Starbase 718. I have been expecting a science officer for some time and I am happy they have provided you, Commander Tolkath. Please take a seat, both of you." he said as he gestured to the chairs in front of them.

"Have either of you had a chance to read up on this sector and what's going on here?" he asked.

The couple took seats and Lesai responded. "There are a considerable number of events occurring in this sector Commander. Many of them pose a threat to the stability and governance of the Federation, either by design or consequence.

The actions and instability of the Typhon Pact chief amongst them. Much of that is a result of the machinations of the Tzenkethi Coalition and their Autarch, who appears particularly ill disposed to the very ideals of democracy and free will enshrined within our own United Federation.

It is perhaps fortunate for us that his meddling in international and interspecies affairs is also weakening the Pact itself, since he cannot resist stirring up trouble within his own ranks and allies.

The Romulans are potential future allies, so we must strive to bring them into the Federation once they realize their future lies with us and not the Pact.

The Breen, Gorn and Tholians remain dangerous and difficult to deal with, singularly and within the Pact.

Then of course we have the Klingons, who while Federation members, also have their own ambitions and rivalries in this area of space.

And through this difficult tangled web of politics, empires and passions we must carefully find a path.

I do not believe we shall find it it easy Commander, but I am sure it will be interesting... "

"Most definitely." Aranis replied. He was quite happy with their knowledge of the area and species within it, more so Lesai as she was in the diplomatic corps. "We are in the middle of quite a lot of aggressive species, most all our enemies at one point. In fact, all of them." Aranis chuckled to himself.

"As the Typhon Pact deteriorates those that followed that path are splintering off and doing their own thing. Last week we have a Breen vessel attack an unarmed convoy just because the passed by. This is the type of thing we can not stand for and must stamp out." he said with annoyance.

"As you say Lesai, they are all dangerous within their own rights. The Klingons are being themselves, picking fights and prodding others to provoke them." he shrugged knowing it was their nature to want a battle.

"At the moment Starfleet isn't pushing us to be allies with the Romulans." he said rather disappointedly. "They are focusing more inward at the moment and shoring up our own lines. In fact I have been told not to make active moves to establish a dialogue with them. Since Mars I feel that Starfleet and the Federation is receding on itself but I can understand why an attack so close to home would cause that feeling." He added as he remembered leaving his own world and the feelings it caused within his own people.

They wanted to close doors, hide away and become stronger. The El Aurian 'Federation' lasted for thousands of years and some felt that it was there that led to their downfall.

That last comment gave the couple some pause. Both privately supported the Vulcan-Romulan reunification movement, started by Spook many years ago, before his disappearance on a mission to try to prevent the Hobus disaster.

Aranis noticed the usual raised eyebrows that he wasn't sure if Vulcans even knew they did when they disagreed or became confused by something one said. "I am happy to disregard that. I will follow orders and not actively engage dialogue, but if they were to open up with myself or a member of my team then I will of course not stand in the way of friendship." he said rather subtly. "My ideals of Starfleet, and the Federation, are still in the 50's when I joined and I will stay true to them then as I will do now." he added hoping the Vulcans would read between the lines.

Even if the Federation, if Starfleet, were beginning to become xenophobic and insular he would not be the one to give up on their ideals of exploration, friendship and duty to help those in need.

Tolkath spoke. "We all follow our orders Commander and where there maybe a lack of specific detail or instruction we shall strive to use our best judgement and experience to achieve the most positive outcome." He matched T'San's ambiguity but had received the unspoken message.

"As far as the Starbase's Science division, do you have any specific directions for our activities?" He asked.

"I like to leave the direction of departments to their Chief's." Aranis replied. "Everyone has their own way of running things, getting the best results. I have no real directives at the moment but we are just settling in and that may change as our time here increases." he added. Do you have anything you'd like to pursue?"

"I have several areas of study." Tolkath replied "Trans-warp field theory is of particular interest. However, I will review current projects and submit a plan for future research"

"If you have an interest in trans-warp field theory then you can pursue that here. We have an excellent science department and if you'd like you more than welcome to use one of our garrisoned ships for experiments." T'San replied

"Thank you sir." Tolkath continued "On the command operations for this Starbase, do we have a mission outline and strategy yet sir? And what role do you wish me to have?"

"Starfleet would like us to assert our dominance in this region. With the discord in the Romulan population still causing a headache for us, since the pull-out of our evacuation fleet there have been a number of attacks on our forces and given our position here I feel this may continue. Starfleet has been contacted by the Romulans, they want to send an envoy here to talk about opening up an embassy so that we may start talks for a more settled relationship."

Aranis sighed. "We are still setting a date for that but I have a feeling it will be within the next month or so."

"Let us hope that comes to be" Lesai offered "I will endeavor to assist in such a process"

Aranis nodded to Lesai and shifted his gaze to Tolkath. "As for yourself Commander, as Second Officer I obviously expect the usual duties. Taking command when necessary, being a role model for our younger more observant officers and staff. Commander Ral will have a greater task on her hands due to the size of the station and its compliment so I know you will assist there.

I would like you to take an active role in engagement with the civilian population here." he said. "It is not an order, but we have a much larger civilian population and if we keep them happy then the station will run more smoothly."

"Yes... I can see that would be beneficial" Tolkath replied, "I will try to ensure the residents are content whenever possible" Not actually quite sure how he was to make them happy when that was an emotion state outside of his personal experience.

"Would there be anything else Sir?" He finished.

"Not at the moment Commander. It was nice meeting you both. I hope you find your time with us satisfactory. " he said rising to his feet. He tried to keep emotion out of it, instead thinking how a Vulcan would view their time here.

Tolkath and Lesai took their leave. "We trust that it will be so" Tolkath replied.

Commander Aranis T'San

Lieutenant Commander Tolkath

Lesai Tolkath
Federation Diplomatic Envoy


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