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Movements Within The Sector

Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 1:04pm by Commander Aranis T'San & Lieutenant JG Michelle Sousa

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: Captain's Ready Room, Starbase 718
Timeline: MD002 - 1145 Hours

Aranis sat at his desk in his office contemplating what had placed him there. Was it Admirals with a notion to shake things up? Was it the Fates that decided he needed another challenge in his life?

Maybe he was lucky, or unlucky depending on how you looked at the situation.

His daydreaming did not last too long, it never did these days. At least on the Cassiopeia he had 1,000 – 1,500 souls to watch over, here he had nearly 200,000 souls and they all wanted a piece. All wanted time. Thankfully though most of these wants and needs were catered too by officers beneath him.

The chime of the door rang out; thus, his thought process was disturbed.

“Come in.” Aranis said as the doors swished open.

In walked a young woman in red, a Lieutenant of junior grade but to which department he did not know yet. There were so many people on board that red could have meant a few departments.

“Sir, Lieutenant Michelle Sousa, Strategic Operations Officer.” She said standing to attention.
“At least Lieutenant, please take a seat and tell me what you need.” Aranis said gesturing to the seats in front of his desk.

“Thank you, sir.” She said as she almost hesitantly moved forward. “Captain Oney didn’t usually let us sit.” She admitted.

“I am not Captain Oney.” Aranis said simply. “Different Captain’s have different styles, and I do not believe the taking of a seat to be of great importance.”

The woman nodded and sat down. For a moment there was this pause before she mustered her thoughts together.

“What do you have for me, Lieutenant?” Aranis asked.

“Movements in the sector Captain.” She began. “We have some incoming Starfleet ships, the USS Trafalgar, USS Nelson and USS Letterman are en route to coming here. The Trafalgar is coming in for a refit of its navigation system. The Nelson for crew transfer and Letterman for supplies before it starts its patrol of the system.”

“Might seem like a silly question given the current climate, but are we expecting trouble?” Aranis asked.

“No more than usual sir.” Michelle said choosing her words carefully. “As you know this sector funnels all traffic from the old Romulan territories, so we have a lot interaction with them. There have been a few skirmishes with Klingons on the outer rim of the sector, they believe they have claim here.”

Aranis ran his hand over his beard as he furrowed his brow. “And the status of the Typhon Pact?”

“Pretty much falling apart sir. The species within it have been at each other’s throats, fighting over resources and cannot agree on simple issues. I believe they will be something to watch, they will not keep their fighting to themselves in my opinion.” Michelle replied.

“I’ll be sure to inform Lieutenant Carey, although I am sure he is already up to speed on these developments.” Aranis said.

“He knows sir. Any relevant information that affects operations here is passed on to the departments that need it.”

Aranis nodded.

“There are several transports that are coming in with refugees, but they will be processed the usual way. Starfleet traffic is common here, but the ships mentioned are the only specifics you really need to know just in case their Captains pay you a visit.” Michelle spoke softly.

“I’ll be sure to be suitably prepared should they choose too.” Aranis replied.

“As you know sir we are the hub for traffic in this sector so if anything comes up that you need to be made aware of we will report to you. Every so often I’ll come to you, or someone from Strat Ops, with updates to current movements of Starfleet and other powers in the sector. It is important to know how to react to one just in case it affects the other, and here even the slightest ripple can cause a tsunami.” Michelle spoke confidently.

“I understand Lieutenant, thank you. I am sure your Chief will be with us soon, but I am happy to know you are working well in their absence.” Aranis stood as a sign that she was about to be dismissed.

Michelle stood quickly, almost as if the seat had been turned into a hot stove. “I look forward to working with you Captain.”

“And I you, Lieutenant. You are dismissed.”


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