Change of the Guard

Posted on Sat Sep 12th, 2020 @ 12:56pm by Commander Aranis T'San

Mission: Prologue: New Faces
Location: USS Cassiopeia, Ready Room

Aranis had been on the Cassiopeia now for only 2 years, but it had been quick. Almost like the years themselves we a blip on the cosmic scale of life. They were in fact 2 more on to his 400+ year lifespan, one that would go on still for many centuries he hoped. The ship was at warp, heading to Starbase 718 for resupply and crew transfer after their last mission.

Stars streaked past the window as Aranis stared out. He often wondered how many of those stars still lit up their systems, how many had been lost for a long time and their light still carried on.

"Sir, I have Admiral Clancy on a secure line for you. She has told me to inform you to encrypt your side given the nature the conversation."

It was odd, the CNC of Starfleet contacting him. He had met Kirsten Clancy on the USS Tripoli where she had been XO. She had been a stern woman then but one of optimism and a believer in Starfleet ideals. Where as Aranis hadn't spoken to her in many years he noticed a change in her after the Mars attacks, but still she chose to back the future evacuation of Romulus under the charge of Admiral Picard.

Aranis secured the channel from his console and opened it. Kirsten's face appeared, it looked tired and the job seemed to have aged her considerably, at least superficially.

"Kirsten..." he began with a smile. "You look like you've been up all night." he said noting the fact the sky lightening behind her.

"You know long nights have never bothered me Aranis." She said, her face softening. "Goes with the job."

"One I don't envy." he replied. "Been quite happy going at my own pace." Aranis gestured to the walls around him.

"Yes, I always found it strange that you didn't push for more. You've been with us for over 40 years and you could have made XO 25 year ago." Clancy's face one of confusion but still a little admiration.

"When you are as long lived as my people you don't see the rush that other species do. We have longevity." he stated simply.

All this was true. He was over 400 and a very patient man. He took the roles he did when they interested him, when he wanted them. Gave back to his people as they started their own world looked to build his career.

Kirsten nodded knowingly. "I can assume you have guessed this is not a social call?" she half asked.

"I had thought as much. Secure channels don't often lead to social conversations." Aranis admitted.

The Admiral nodded, "You are heading to Starbase 718 for resupply, crew transfers?" she asked.

"Yes..." Aranis answered.

"One of those transfers will be you." Clancy said as she opened her clasped hands and gestured openly.

Aranis raised his eyebrows and leant back in his chair as he thought. For a moment there was a silence before he bgan to frown and leant back in. "Can I ask why?"

"I need people I trust in places of strategic importance Aranis." Clancy replied rather cryptically.

This gave Aranis a sense of worry. Not something he openly showed, but instead he kept his face one of concern and thought.

"I am shaking up the senior staff on the whole starbase. Given its location near the Romulan border, the Typhon Pact not looking like it'll hold much longer and the Klingon element there I need cool heads. It's a big job."

"It's not half Kirsten. I've only been in command here for a couple of years, now you want to throw a station at my feet with a sector that is full of anger, lust for violence and expect me to do what?" Aranis asked.

"Do what you do best." She replied cryptically once more. Aranis always thought when you hit Admiralty status you got a class in that subject.

Aranis rubbed his face in frustration. "Do I get a say in any of the senior staff?" he asked.

"No, but your XO is someone you are familiar with. I'll leave it at that and you'll meet them when they arrive." Kirsten spoke behind words once more.

"The station needs a shake up, and I know you. I know the type of man you are. You're almost as loyal to your ideals as Jean-Luc." she said rolling her eyes. Aranis knew their relationship had taken a sour turn. It was a shame given where they both stood on the evacuation efforts of Romulus.

"He wasn't wrong Kirsten." Aranis added a little fuel. "You know I supported him too, hells so did you until someone whispered in a few ears." he noticed her face shift to a more stern one. "Look, I'm not getting into that. We cannot change what we have done..." well they could but he frowned upon timeline changes. "we must move forward."

"Glad you agree." She replied curtly. "When you arrive the old staff will already be gone. You are the first to arrive looking at ship positions and transfer shuttles. Your XO has been selected, the rest of the senior staff is still under review. I will let you know how that goes." she said in a summary fashion. Aranis could tell she was coming to a close on her call. "Good luck Aranis. I know you'll be who I know you to be."

With that the channel closed.

"Well..." Aranis said out loud as his mind moved to the thoughts of his crew. "Time to break the news to the crew."

Commander Aranis T'San
Commanding Officer
Starbase 718