M1: A Hand In Friendship

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“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”

— C. S. Lewis

There is an air of excitement on the station as news of a Romulan envoy from the Free State makes her way to Starbase 718. There have been talks with Starfleet about opening an embassy on the station and they have allowed a small delegation to approach.

Once on board a disaster strikes causing the death of the delegation, damage to the station and to a most tenuous relationship. The crew must work quickly to find out what caused the disaster, avoid retaliation from the Free State, and find justice for the lives lost.

What is revealed will change the shape of the sector.

M2: Lost In Space

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"The truth is hidden beneath the dirt, but no one is willing to dig past the flowers." <\i>


The crew begin to notice things going missing on the station, things moving as if all on their own. Most put it down to mind playing tricks on them but when a shuttle disappears from the middle of a shuttlebay then reappears hours later on the Promenade more attention is paid.

It turns out that the previous Chief Science Officer had been working on some technology that ultimately devoured him. Lt. Commander Emile Sande disappeared 8 months ago without so much as a clue, now he returns in flashes.

The station population begins to become agitated as disruption to life begins to become higher. The crew must work to find Sande and stop these events before they grow to become far more dangerous.

Prologue: New Faces

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A new crew gathers on the station to begin their journey.