The Sim

The Stardock class station spans 2,500 decks and is one of the most iconic stations known to Star Trek, such as its use for Starbase One in the Sol system. It has a variety of uses from ship construction, repair and resupply as well as research, and a hub for all traffic in the region.

Positioned in the Delta sector near Romulan territory it acts as a hub for all traffic that come out of and head into that area. The station caters to all walks of life from a civilian looking for a new start to a refugee seeking help. Klingons, Tholians, Gorn to name but a few are round and about the station making appearances when they see fit.

Given it's location as one of Starfleet's 'Frontier' stations it stands as a beacon of what Starfleet, and the Federation is. At the moment their is turmoil behind the scenes as Starfleet decides what it wants to be going forward, but the crew will move forward with expectations of command.

Starbase 718 has been around for a while and recently undergone a refurbishment. All accommodation has been upgraded to be more comfortable and it with the times. The diplomatic suites have been given special attention due the nature of the region and there expected use.

Commander Aranis T'San
Commanding Officer
Starbase 718

Commander Daynah Ral
Executive Officer
Starbase 718