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Lieutenant Dr. M’Sara Rth’than M.D.

Name Dr. M’Sara Th’jara Rth’than M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romuilan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color `Brown
Physical Description M'Sara is in excellent healfh partly due to being a Doctor and her insights on the human body, She as a daily physical regiment and share's her people's strength. Also, she comes across as stoic, but her emotions do sho from time to time. She's a professional doctor and mainly wears scrubs or a medical overcoat over her uniform. She also does not like the typical combed Romulan Haircut and prefers a simple medium-length and clean cut appearance.


Spouse None
Father Former Vice-Proconsul N'Vek Rth’than
Mother Dr. Kaylana V'thathi 'Rh'ara Rth’than

Personality & Traits

General Overview M'Sara is a sea of stoicism and a tempest of emotion. The Stoicism comes out while on duty and the emotion reveals itself during her private time. She is professional, skilled, out-spoken, and secretive. She has very typical Romulan traits, and because of this, she's heavily introverted. Preferring a minimal social life. She has several anti-social habits, and rarely socializes while on duty. Her general lack of any tact is both a blessing and a curse in her profession, as she would always tell people the truth, no matter if it is inconvenient. She serves the Oath of Hippocrates first and Starfleet second. She also possesses a Romulan sense of duty and obligation. She will follow orders she hates, even the ones she disapproves of. Nothing is ever personal.

She has lived all her life with suspicion and distrust just because she is a Romulan. It has caused her to become introverted and reclusive, often seeking solitude and avoiding crowds. If she cannot avoid crowds, she won't be the center of attention, and she gets more nervous and apprehensive when more than six people start staring at her. Regardless, it takes a lot of effort for her not to fall apart instantly when she's giving presentations or meetings.

M'Sara is however an exceptionally skilled physician, taking inspiration from her mother. She learned the medical arts early from her mother, and then refined those as she went to both Harvard and Starfleet Medical School as a cadet. She has a very professional and typical demanor of a doctor. Nothing is personal to M'Sara while on duty, and she saves the personal stuff for later. She gets frustrated when Starfleet Orders or the Federation's own ideals begin interfering with her practice. She's always a doctor first and a starfleet officer second, and always in that order.

Off duty, she tends to use the Holodecks or retreat into the arboretum. Someplace where there is not too much noise. She favors calm and forthright people. Loud people annoy her to no end, and Klingons…. Let’s just say she finds both their bluster and odor offensive. Around Klingons, her general distaste for their methods emerges, as she find their various definitions of honor as lacking as the Romulan definition of honor. ‘If both races had anything resembling Honor. Life would be sunshine and rainbows, and we’d all be able to make peace just by sending the other party wine and chocolates.’ She was once quoted into saying in her usual, tactless, demeanor.
Strengths & Weaknesses M'Sara is an exceptionally skilled physician, and she's worked very hard to become the best doctor she could possibly become, but she was raised on Earth and away from mainstream Romulans. She grew up in a very different world away from the treacheries and intrigues of Romulus. Her mother was her primary inspiration, while growing up, to become a doctor. Mostly because her mother had M’Sara learn from her as well as do chores at their clinic on Earth. At school and even Starfleet Academy, she was ostracized for being Romulan. It was frustrating to M’Sara to have only the fewest friends imaginable. There was not one single day that M’Sara was not compared to the Romulan Star Empire, and it caused her an exceptional amount of anger where the misdeeds of a government she had no love for were pinned on her.
The truth is, M’Sara finds the Romulan Star Empire to be repugnant because of the simple fact that her parents had to smuggle her across the neutral zone just to look for a better life where they were not constantly monitored by the Tal’Shiar. M’Sara also believes that the Federation is not perfect, but currently, it’s the best thing for the Galaxy.

In summary, she’s dedicated as a medical professional, but she was not raised as a Romulan. More like, she picked up the culture of her few human friends. In fact the number of friends she has can be counted on her right hand. She does not favor people who try to be her friend, it triggers her suspicious romulan nature. She desires friends who are not false people. Also, she tends to edge away from social events and uncomfortable discussions when people violate her personal space. Very introverted, but if she feels like her personal space is being violated, she ‘cloaks herself like a Romulan Warbird’ as one of her counselors once observed.
M’Sara does not like being compared to Romulan Stereotypes, It’s an insult to how her parents risked their lives so she didn’t have to grow up in the Romulan Star Empire. One does not dishonor her parents nor her role-model, but using some of Spock’s wisdom is a good way to establish a dialog with her.
Ambitions M’Sara is a woman of modest dreams. The only thing she wants to be is a doctor, and at the most of her aspirations, she desires to publish medical journals.
Hobbies & Interests Horseback Riding, Violin, Opera (She’s a moderate Soprano), Shakespearean Acting.

Personal History M’Sara was conceived on Romulus, the Daughter of Pro-Consul N’Vek and a Medical Doctor on Romulus during it’s last days. Before the destruction of Romulus, M’Sara’s father N’Vek and his aides defected to the UFP with his closest aides with the assistance of the USS Enterprise D and a covert operation conducted by Ambassador Spock’s reunification movement. Of which, N’Vek was a covert supporter. However N’Vek’s loyalties were constantly tested by the Tal’Shiar and other more ardent supporters of the Star Empire such as Spock’s Rival; Sela. The plan was for the Former Pro-Consul to defect and later provide sanctuary for thousands of dissidents who desired to leave the Star Empire for the Federation. Spock convinced N’Vek to leave Romulan Space with his aides, and advocate for Reunification in the Federation. Two problems presented themselves. First; How to get across the Neutral Zone, and second; how to keep the Tal’Shiar from retaliating against N’Vek’s family on Romulus. The first problem was easily solved, but the second was more heartbreaking. N’Vek’s family had to publicly condemn the former Pro-Consul just to save their lives from the Tal’Shair.
M’Sara’s mother Kaylanna finally, after eight months of faking loyalty to the Star Empire and denouncing her husband’s defection as treason, decided to risk smuggling herself across the Neutral Zone. It was even more difficult for a pregnant woman to risk her health to get to Federation Space. Kaylanna was adamant, like her husband, not to have her daughter born under the flag of the Romulan Star Empire and its treacheries. Like any parents, they wanted only the best for their daughter, and the best was not found in the Star Empire and its isolation. Kaylanna was so stubborn even she refused to deliver until she got across the border. Kaylanna often told stories how the Tal’Shair dragged her brothers away to M’Sara later when she asked questions about her people. All of everything M’Sara learned from father and mother truly disgusted her as a child. The betrayals and treacheries were things M’Sara did not grow up with.

Even as a small child however. Life was difficult for M’Sara. Friends were even more difficult to find because few in the schools she went to wanted to be friends with ‘the Romulan.’ It lead to bullying and confrontations with older students. And more than a few situations as a child where M’Sara was put into Juvenile detention because of false claims that she got into fights with other students. The truth was; many of her classmates in school staged fights just to get rid of ‘the enemy.’ This caused great emotional distress for M’Sara, to which N’Vek comforted her and told her something that would stay with her during her childhood. He began to teach her what he learned from Ambassador Spock. She knew from her parents stories that she couldn’t repeat the mistakes people made in the Star Empire. The same ones that lead directly to people abandoning their homes and defecting to the Federation.
It was difficult to endure school, but reading Spock’s wisdom gave her hope. Everyone had to have a role model as a teenager, but M’Sara was not a Vulcan. She was Romulan. Vulcan logic was not her forte, even though she tried at some point and only succeeded at stoicism. She still expresses emotion, but she was not going to become like the people who drove her parents from their homes. During her teens, she surprised her family by revealing that she was going to go to Starfleet Academy. Mostly inspired by Spock’s path through life. And she was going to go to the Academy’s Medical School. N’Vek had mixed feelings about this, but Kaylanna supported the decision.
Being a romulan in Starfleet Academy was almost as daunting as being in any elementary or high school as a Romulan. Now she was surrounded by cadets with ambitions. M’Sara only had one ambition; Medicine. In a way, she began to get disgusted by some of the cadets who were trying to get themselves on the ‘fast track’ for promotion. The only person Cadet Rth’than wanted approval from was herself.
After her graduation, M’Sara would serve at Starfleet Medical on Earth, also studying at Harvard Medical School for her M.D. so she could become a chief surgeon on a starship. She specialized in many types on anatomy, but it was her experience with Romulan physiology that singled her out for the post on Starbase 718
Service Record Starfleet Academy Medical School
Graduate Magna Cum Laude
Starfleet Medical
Medical Officer

Harvard Medical School
Doctoral Thesis