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Lieutenant Thomas Carey

Name Thomas Johan Carey

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Trill
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 3
Weight 260
Hair Color Long Black
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Very Muscular


Spouse Chloe Reigns-Carey
Father Thomas Carey Sr
Mother Kalissa Kyler
Brother(s) Andrew (Andy) Thomas Carey
Sister(s) Sasha kalissa Carey
Lizette Carey (Half)
Other Family lots

Personality & Traits

General Overview head strong and not afraid to state whats on ones mind. Willing to break rules if he thinks it is the right thing to do.
Strengths & Weaknesses Stubborn, head strong, good leader
Ambitions Centre chair
Hobbies & Interests Weaponry, meditation, Family, walks, fighting

Personal History Born in the middle of the Dominion war on the USS Montana, his father being XO of the ship, and his mother being chief Security, the beginning of his life was almost quick to end, multiple times. With the Montana being severely damaged on numerous occasions, his parents, never one to flee from a fight, chose to keep him onboard. They could have dropped him off at some relative, let them raise their kid. But neither of them thought of that as an option. Though damage was done, casualties were mainly low. When the battle for cardassia prime came along, they were in the midst of it. Not making it to cardassia prime, the Montana being adrift just shy of the sector.

After the battle both his parents were given commands, with his father taking command of the USS Resolution, and his mother taking command of the smaller yet just as deadly USS K'hitomer. Though he wanted to stay with his mother, his father having been given a galaxy class starship, it gave more opportunities for a normal upbringing with other families. Even though they weren't away for months or years, as they were both assigned to starbase 117.

Within a few years, being bounced back from marines and starfleet a few times, his father got tired, even being a Vulcan, time can be hard on one. Especially not being a regular vulcan. So he opted to retire from the force, the first to actually retire. His mother followed suit, shortly after taking a teaching position at Starfleet academy. By this time he was a preteen, and although he was young, he knew exactly what he wanted to be. He wanted to follow in his parents footsteps. Even more so when he found his parents armoury one day while at the homestead.

It was at this time, his parents started teaching him the ways of being an officer, a security officer more precise, but delved into the areas of helm, and tactical. With a tad bit in engineering. When he turned 16, he enrolled into starfleet with permission from both parents.

Upon entering the academy, he chose security/Tactical as his majors, and minors in Helm and engineering. Though the double majors and double minors meant more extra work, it also meant more opportunities. With his chosen interests, the next four years, although he had no time, he also came out with more knowledge than a lot of his peers.

His first posting was the USS Potempkin as a Security Officer, on a two year mission into what starfleet called the void. An area of space that lacked anything, it wouldnt be much to be concerned about, but no radio waves, nothing even regular space gave out. This would be a challenge for everyone on ship. As it turned out to be an area of space quarantined eons ago by a race wiped out by a virus that extinguished life in more than fifty solar systems. The lack of anything interesting they found was supposed to keep people at bay, instead it lured the federation there.

They did not learn this right away, instead they surveyed for months, found evidence of intelligence, technologies that made starfleet look primitive. Slowly the crew started coming down with some sort of disease. Some with mutations, melting into their own body.

All this was more than enough to cause many to want to turn back, a few took their own life. His chief took his own life, transporting himself into the vaccum of space. With no one else he was given the assistant chief position, with a promotion to lt jg.

Within the next year, they found a stasis pod, upon decyphering the language and how it worked, after weeks of working on it, losing ten more crew, the ship of 95 was already down to 60. They could have went home, but they werent ready to spread this to the rest of the federation. They wanted the answer before going back. With the occupant out of the stasis, a young woman, human... well she looked perfectly human.

With her help within the next week the medical experts on the ship, along with her, came up with a cure. Apparently the disease was too far gone when she was placed in stasis, that there was no time to add the finishing touches. Within another week, the remaining crew was symptom free. The remaining six months of the year was done placing warning beacons around the area of space, until there was enough of the cure to wipe out all of the disease, the area would be placed under quarantine.

Upon arrival back to starbase, he was transferred to the USS Resolution, as chief Security and as full, his dads old ship, many had moved on in the decade, but there was still a few that he knew. This was by far the opposite of the Potempkin, being a slow ship. Mainly doing colonizations, treaty signings. Dignitary escorts. He enjoyed it, there was nothing wrong with everything going on, his father had suggested he take this time in, because with the way the galaxy was... peace was fragile at best.

After two years here, he thought it may be best for a change of pace, ships were exciting, and he had recently reunited with the DR from the stasis pod. She was young, well eons actually, but she was young when she was placed in. Beautiful, Smart, they got along great on the potempkin, and when she visited a few months prior she ended up staying with him. She wanted more, she wanted off a ship. More of what she was used to. She had been assigned a starfleet rank, of ensign. Her knowledge was tremendous, but without starfleet knowledge, it was decided she could start at ensign. But she was hoping to get a rank of lt jg on a station, which offered more facilities. Upon agreeing, they both applied for a position on starbase 718.
Service Record 2389-2393- starfleet academy
2393-2393- Ensign, Security Officer, USS Potempkin
2393-2394- Lt JG, Assistant Chief Security, USS Potempkin
2394-2396- Lt, Chief Security Officer, USS Resolution
2396-PRES- Lt Chief Security Officer, Starbase 718