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Chief Warrant Officer "Red Mike" Conner

Name "Red Mike" Conner

Position Boatswain

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7
Weight 310 lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Reumy Grey
Physical Description At Six Seven and almost 300 pounds Red Mike is a hard man to miss anywhere. His dark scared face has been known to scare most children and some adults. Strong frame and muscular build distract from a large head and very few teeth. Long Tattooed arms ending with hands of mauled and twisted fingers. A barrel of a chest and wide back.


Spouse None
Children None
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Red Mike is a solitary man. His size and demeanor send most running from him. To those that work with him most agree he is the go to guy to get things working. Mike has been around the station many years. It's his home. He has some severe anger issues at times. These 'Incidents' have cleared a deck or two many times Over the years on station. However his skills in maintenance and all related systems cannot be matched. Red Mike is not the type of Chief Petty Officer to train or teach. He leads by example as he works. His peers watch him closely for that reason. He has no soft side or social filters with anyone. He will answer when he absolutely has too to stay out of trouble. He is driven in his tasks and often works far beyond his shift schedule. He hasn't had a supervisor in years. However if there is a serious task he simply arrives and fixes it. Period. He is most respectful to Females of any culture. Mike is clearly intimidated by them.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Perfect work attendance over a 16 year period.

-Anger Issues
-Violent at times
Ambitions None, yup that's right
Hobbies & Interests A true card player of legendary renown. Skilled in re-decorating lounges and bars on a moments notice... Enjoys Irish ballads, Ladies and fistfights.

Personal History Mike Conner was born in 2356 in a mining station on Zellis III. His father was a miner with Deralt LTD. His mother Janet a housewife. Both civilians. The home was troubled and harsh. Soon after Mike's Tenth birthday his parents left the planet and never returned. Mike was a very large child orphaned without support. He became a Federation citizen and ward. Relocated to Earth and placed in Foster care. Soon his life changed and he found refuge in a good stable family. He was very mechanically inclined in school and a terror on any sports field. He dropped out of school and entered a small vocational college near his home in Oklahoma. He earned several certificates in repair and fabrication while attending and was also far too well known to the Tulsa Police force.

2377 found the young Twenty One year old giant in Oakland California at a scrap recycling and reclamation yard working a huge plasma cutter dismantling fleet wreckage. His peers joked that he sometimes actually used tools while ripping things apart. His knowledge had expanded to power production controls and structural frame design and assembly. Outside of work he found fame and part time employment as a bouncer in a rather seedy nightclub. Mike considered a career in boxing, however few fighters would risk getting into the ring with him and the pay was horrible with promoters taking most of any winnings he would get.
By 2379 he was ready for a change. Conner had earned the nickname “Red Mike” as the only EV suits or protective gear that was manufactured at the time that would fit him was bright Red. Mike was one of the strongest students attending local classes and soon The fleet came calling for his experience. Conner was very unsure about a life in the fleet and took a chance. He has cursed that decision many times over the years but wouldn't change it for the world.

2380 Conner was assigned to the operations branch of Star Base 718 during it's refit and vital to it's repair. Mike rose in rank quickly as he proved he could get the toughest tasks done. Over the years he works alone. A senior repair and troubleshooter on the station. He has shunned any supervisor positions due his rank of Chief Petty Officer. It is noted in his personnel file he really requires little supervision at all on duty. Off duty is another matter entirely.

As a condition for promotion to Chief Conner agreed to attend weekly Counseling sessions to suppress his anger. Security has also learned not to attempt to use physical restraints on him for any reason. The sessions have went very well over the last year and it's been recommended that he undergo treatment as long as he lives. The last time Conner saw a medical officer it didn't turn out well. Subject found in poor health by all standards and refused any treatment. Diagnosed with aversion to Male Medical Officers.
Service Record 2380 – 2396 CPO Star Base 718, Operations Department.

Current Eval: Subject displays a high skill and compliance level far beyond his peers. Displays base capabilities of standards. Not prone to exhibit any teamwork skills.